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Challenges faced by the Indian Agriculture Industry - and their solutions

The Indian agriculture industry has been facing certain challenges ever since. With the support of top tractor brands like Mahindra Tractor, we have provided solutions for those problems as well.

It's been years since India has earned a name among the leading tractor manufacturers in the world. However, the Indian agriculture industry had even seen days when we didn't have any means or ways to produce tractors. We have travelled a long journey by enhancing our vision. Yet, we must not forget that no goal is achieved without facing certain confusions and challenges and overcoming them with strength.

The Indian agriculture industry has been facing certain challenges ever since. With the support of top tractor brands like Mahindra Tractor, we have provided solutions for those problems as well. And we continue to meet new demands presented by the ever-changing world. Today, we will talk in detail about the obstacles faced by the Indian agriculture industry, and how we can tackle those efficiently.

  • Improper Monsoon

A significant number of Indian farmers lack a proper irrigation system even today. Farmers depend on the natural source of water, i.e., rain. This, in turn, reduces the productivity of the farmlands. According to statistics, monsoon has one of the most influencing effects on the farmers.

The government takes initiatives in such circumstances when the monsoon begins with a slow start, or troubles the farmers. The Government aims to provide the farmers with a minimum support price. This helps the farmers get a specific return even in drastic situations.

  • ┬áLack of awareness

No doubt technological advances are efficient, effective, and the need of the hour. But what good does technology do if farmers lack the required skills and information to use those advancements with full power? What happens when a farmer buys technologically advanced tractors like Preet 6049 or Preet 955 but lacks the adequate knowledge and skills to operate them?

A time has come when farmers require knowledge regarding the A to Z of the tractors. There is an urgency for the government to invest in popularising the concept of gathering the required skills and education for making the best out of these technological upgradations.

  • Farm mechanization

The rural infrastructure fails to provide proper connectivity across many villages. At times, the lack of accessibility of farm machinery from one place to another demotivates the farmers to buy any. However, major tractor brands like Mahindra Tractors produce high-class tractors to support this issue. But that is not enough.

The government needs to fasten the process of rural infrastructure development. The betterment of rural infrastructure will lead to increased efficiency due to proper usage of the agricultural machinery.

  • Investment in manufacturing units

Just the availability of best-in-class farm machinery doesn't fulfil the needs of the farmers. This increases the costs of acquiring agricultural machinery. And honestly, not all Indian farmers afford to invest huge amounts.

This points at the need for building design and development institutes in the country itself. We need to maximize the production of highly efficient machinery to increase productivity and fulfil the farmers' needs with minimum costs.

  • Small and marginal farmers

India being such a diverse country, consists of various strata of people. We also accommodate many small and marginal farmers that go through two broad issues - technology is out of syllabus and to buy that technology is out of the question.

The small and marginal farmers need awareness, first. Until and unless the farmers understand the need for understanding the 'modern' technology, they will neither learn about it nor purchase it.

  • Lack of reliable financial sources

These days, farmers take loans for purchasing efficient machinery. But their low disposable incomes stop them at every turn. They fear defaulting the loan repayments so much that they take loans from local sources that are not reliable. On the other hand, reliable sources fail to trust the farmers and become cautious. This is an unending cycle.

In this case, the government also requires to gain the trust of the Indian farmers and make them aware of government institutions that process loans easily. Also, it's high time the government supported the farmers completely. The farmers need to gain confidence - both emotionally and financially, to work at their maximum potential.

To sum up, it's not that farmers fail to perform efficiently at all. But these small and big things offer them with unrequited obstacles. These challenges are easily solvable, but the government needs to give undivided attention to the tractor industry for once. The tractor industry's digitalization and modernization will only lead to maximum productivity when the current scenario of the tractor industry and Indian farmers changes for the better. We hope that the tractor industry's challenges will reduce year by year, and a brighter and happier time will present itself.

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