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Childbirth Prediction in Kundli: vedic way to solve pregnancy problem

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Vedic astrology is the combination of ancient science and art where astrologers forecast future events just only by analyzing the planetary positions. These days, many numbers of individuals request horoscope forecasts to design certain parts of their lives. Numerous individuals regularly consider astrology for something managing the confidence; in any case, truth be told, astrology is science – the investigation of the connection between the area and developments of every single divine body in this universe. Likewise, astrology for childbirth for free is the way of predicting pregnancy and parenthood related events.

Pregnancy Horoscope: For forecasting pregnancy details

Pregnancy horoscope is the process where astrologers analyze the kundali of both the male and female individuals to foresee the happy moments of the parents. The Lagna all through the origination time is referenced as urban focus Lagna that manages the dominantly touchy eighth month of a maternity sum. On the off chance that the infant origination happens when Adana Lagna is harrowed according to the labor forecast in kundali, it may bring premature deliveries and issues during the pregnancy time frame. The horoscope and kundali of each accomplice's zone unit broke down for couples who are confronting labor issues.  

Kundli Prediction for Pregnancy 

A Kundali Analysis is out there for the couples who wish to know about pregnancy. The complex, just as the excellent procedure of pregnancy, can be settled and examined with the assistance of Kundli prediction for pregnancy with the help of expert astrologers. The astrologers examine and foresee the pregnancy time, the date by analyzing the Kundli itself. The estimation procedure is that the promising Vedic soothsaying where the planetary movements of each accomplice are perused.

Free Childbirth Prediction astrology: to solve delay in pregnancy

Astrologers check both the birth horoscope of man and woman to access childbirth prediction astrology. And from this horoscope report astrologers then predict the reason for the delay in pregnancy. There are only be 2 main reasons for the delay in pregnancy. 

1. childlessness.

2. delay due to dosha problem

If the horoscope prediction promises the birth of a child, the timing has to be verified from both Antardasha and the transit of the planets. In all such cases first, the horoscope of the male is examined for the possibility of a child, and later, the female horoscope is examined for the time of conception.

Male Horoscope:

For analyzing a childbirth horoscope, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Study the 5th House and 5th planet/Lord from Lagna.
  2. Examine the 5th House and 5th planet/Lord from Moon.
  3. Study the 5th House and 5th Lord from Jupiter.
  4. Examine the 5th House and 5th Lord/planet from Saptamsha.

Children are born in the dashas joined with the 5th House of the Lord/planet of the 5th House or Saptamsha. An afflicted 5th planet, which can be blaze, retrograde, and inspected by another retrograde planet, results in the delay of childbirth.

  • The 5th House has reversed Saturn inspected by Sun. This signifies a delay in conceiving.
  • Planet/Lord of the 5th House, Jupiter with Planet Venus in 10th House is good.
  • In Saptamsha, Saturn, Lord/Planet of the 5th House is inspected by Jupiter, which again promises a child.

Female Horoscope:

1. In the female horoscope, the 5th House planet has gone into 12th House. This is not positive.

2. The 5th House has the aspect of Sun and planet Venus, which is promising.

3. From planet Jupiter, planet Saturn aspects the 5th House along with Mars and Mercury. This is a case of delay in pregnancy.

4. In Saptamsha, the 5th House has Ketu but the 5th Lord is with planet Venus aspect by Jupiter might possible in a delay of childbirth.

When Will I Get Pregnant by Date of Birth? 

A childbirth horoscope can be helpful if you are having problems in conceiving. The Vedic astrology not only helps you to solve childlessness problem but also it can help you to make your child’s future bright.

Hope this article helps you in solving your pregnancy/infertility issues. Also, for more information you can call @ +91 9776190123 or Visit TABIJ.IN

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