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Common Roof Repair Issues Faced By A Homeowner And Its Solutions

A roof is an integral part of our home. As a homeowner, you need to keep the roof in excellent shape. Most homeowners have encountered a roofing problem at some point. Fixing the roofing issues can be quite frustrating. If you cannot fix these roof issues, they can cause problems for your home.

This article presents you with common roof repair issues you can spot and the solution to fix them.

Common roof repairing issues:


Damaged Shingles

The shingles are present on the outer layer of the roof. You can identify if there is any shingle missing. You will notice a color-patch on your ceiling when a shingle is missing. The shingles get damaged after a heavy storm or from heavy rains. 

The shingles are no longer able to protect your home from harsh conditions. During the rainy season, it becomes worse. The water will seep in & the leaks won’t be visible. The accumulation of water will lead to roof leaks, molds, etc.

Solution: The steps are simple: 

  • First, check if the shingle is torn. You need to repair it. 
  • Begin by applying a thick layer of roofing sealant under the crack. 
  • Press the shingle down and apply the second layer of sealant on the crack. 
  • Spread out the sealant with a putty knife. 


Leaking In Roof

Roof leaks are a common issue that every homeowner faces. The roof leaks get identified by noticing the dampness present on the walls, missing shingles, and more. Here are the areas you need to check for roof leaks: 

  • Around the chimney 
  • Around the gutters
  • Under damaged shingles
  • In low valleys or spots
  • Near skylights

Solution: The above areas are the ones where you need to check the leaks in the roof. To repair the leaks that are caused by metal flashing, you can reseal joints using a caulk gun that is filled with roofing cement. 


Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are a problem that is faced by various homeowners. It is easy to spot the clogged gutters. You will see the leaves, debris, and more blocking the exit route. The purpose of gutters is to take the excess water drain. 

When the gutters are clogged, the flow of the water will become stagnant. It results in the collection of water in the same place to seep over time. It impacts the stability of the roof, and when left improperly can cause the ceiling to fall. 

Solution: You need to get your hands dirty for it, literally. Grab a ladder, wear gloves and clean all the unwanted debris, leaves clogging the gutter. Doing it every two to three months is recommended if you are in an area with heavy rainfall. 


Badly Sealed Valleys

Locating poorly sealed valleys is a difficult task for untrained professionals. Valley is the area where two planes of the roof join. Rainwater seeps into the roof if the valleys aren't sealed. A sealing erodes when the ceiling gets old or with an excess of rain. Look for any wet spots present on your roof.

Solution: Here are the steps to repair badly sealed valleys: 

  • The first task to locate the leak. You will need to remove the tiles to gain the access to the metal flashing.
  • Cut out the new flashing. Apply the layer of the mastic to the original material and put your new flashing over it. Secure it with the help of screws. 
  • Apply some more mastic on the top of the flashing. And also apply the layer of roofing tar over the sealed valley for that extra protection. 
  • The tar will eventually dry and the process of sealing is completed.


Improper Installation Of Skylights

An improper installation of skylights results in roof leaks. Look at the skylights installed on your roof. There might be wet spots present around the roof flashing (an area where most leaks are visible). You will slowly see the frame begin to rot, and the problem is getting out of control. 

Solution: Check the flashing of your roof. The flashing gets found under the shingles. If the flashing gets cracked, time to replace them. 


Cracks In Chimney

The chimney present on your roof with time will show various signs of wear & tear. The cracks present in the chimney can lead to water seepage in the ceiling. The harsh conditions (rain and heat) can leave the chimney with holes. These holes are the source of the leaks. 

Solution: You need to find the location of the leaks and repair them with proper chimney materials. Here are some steps: 

  • Clean out the crack with the edge of the putty knife. Make the crack clean with a wire brush. Squeeze the high-heat mortar into the crack as deep as possible. 
  • If the cracks are too thin, you can fix them with a water repellent. 


Irresistible Damage From Snow & Cold Weather Conditions

Continuous pressure from snow can harm the roof. The snow melts & results in water seeping into the shingles. The water can be present under shingles when getting frozen causes double headaches for the homeowners. The water becomes ice, and it pushes up the shingles. 

Solution: Use a shovel to remove the unnecessary snow present on the roof. You can also use an ice melt product to overcome the snow. 

Poor Installation Of The Roof

 A roof that gets installed poorly cannot survive the harsh weather conditions. The ceiling will require a lot of maintenance and will be a liability. The improper installation of the roof remains the most common issue resulting in complications. Not every roofing contractor possesses the skill needed to repair the roof. Therefore, it leads to poor-quality work.

Solution: Consulting professional roofing services helps to maintain the life of your roof. An experienced roofing professional helps to take care of the roofing leaks. 


Summing It Up

You need to take care of your roof before it is too late. These are some of the roofing problems with solutions for each one. The ideal scenario is to fix them before they cause any issues. When you notice a roof leak and don’t know how to fix it? It is high time to have your roof checked by a professional.

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