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Are you an IT graduate with fluent English speaking and looking for digital India job? This article will give you some ideas about digital jobs that will help you land a job.

Nowadays, Digital India Job careers are one of the most lucrative careers. The IT market in India is worth billions of dollars. That’s why we have seen an increasing trend in the youth of IT degrees. The digital career ranges from entry-level to the experienced one. Here we will talk about some of the best digital jobs that are easy to get and highly paid.

1-    Data Specialists:

Many companies need data scientists or engineers to store the raw data for them so that it can be useful for them. In today’s world, the worth of data is not less than gold. For instance, many digital India Job companies need data of the specific audience for particular brand promotion. To arrange that data and make it useful, they need to hire a data scientist. To become a data scientist, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science. The average salary of a data scientist in India is INR 700k.

2-    Application Developer:

We all use different mobile applications on our smartphones. The mobile applications are divided into two central operating systems android, and IOS, so are the application developers. The IOS developers earn more than android developers because most smartphone users in the US and Europe are IOS based. In India, there is a wide range of opportunities for an application developer. You can work with different software houses and earn money every month or work as a freelancer and make money in dollars. The average salary of an app developer in India is INR 600K per year.

3-    Digital Media Managers:

Digital Media Managers make different strategies to promote the brand of a company on social media platforms. They run the whole digital marketing setups. They have the twin goals of promotion and customer acquisition. Companies hire individuals with an analytical mind as well as a great experience in the field of digital marketing. The average salary for a digital media manager in India is 6-7 lakhs per year.

4-    SEO specialist:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert is hired by different digital marketing companies to make their content top rated in Google or YouTube. They use other keyword techniques that help the Google algorithm to make the content top-ranked. They also manage online campaigns for a brand on different social media platforms. There are many courses available regarding SEO on YouTube. SEO is one of the best digital India jobs for the salary and ease of doing. An entry-level SEO expert earns INR 3-4 lakh per year.

5-    eCommerce Specialist:

In the recent past, we have seen an increasing trend in e-commerce. It is one of the most convenient ways of opening a store that does not require a significant capital investment, and you also get access to the millions of customers at a time. There are many big brands of e-commerce in India that include Flipkart and Amazon. Many people are earning thousands of dollars through amazon that gives access to the International market as well. That’s why different e-commerce companies hire specialists who optimize their pages and write descriptions of their products. It helps to attract customers to their online stores and make it a better experience for them. It is one of the unique digital India jobs. The average salary for a beginner in this field is INR 300K per year. 

6-    Digital Designer:

Many companies hire digital designers to design different digital products for them. It includes visual designers, integrated designers, web designers, and graphic designers. Among these designers, the work of a graphic designer is at the highest demand. They need to design logos, posters, and make 3D advertisement videos for their customers while web designers design websites using CSS for their clients. He makes it more adorable and interesting looking. An entry-level digital designer earns INR 250 k per year.


The digital India Job market of India provides a wide range of opportunities to the individual with skills. In this article, we gave you some job ideas regarding the digital job industry of India. Among the jobs as mentioned earlier, Data Scientist is the best option if you have a computer science degree. According to Glassdoor, it is the best profession in 2020. If you want to apply for digital Indian jobs, you can visit

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