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Does buying a second hand computer a waste of money?

Buying a second hand computer is not at all a waste of money because you can get huge benefits and savings by buying a used computer. All you have to be a bit careful while buying.

A lot of people are still in doubt whether to buy used computer or not because some people still think that second hand desktops are damaged or faulty products available for sale at a low cost and these people are completely wrong.

Used computers for sale on classified sites are the best place to buy but there are certain things to be taken care of while buying a second hand product.

What are second hand computers?

Second hand computers are pre-owned computers, not new computers. Used by someone for some period of time and due to various reasons, it is available for sale at a low cost in various classified sites or nearby markets.

The most common reasons for selling a used desktop is a financial problem or panning to buy a new better version of the computer. That’s the reason most of the used computers nowadays are in very good condition.

How do I buy a second hand computer?

You can buy second hand computers on classified sites like Cifiyah. Before buying a second hand computer, always compare the price on various different sites and check the condition of the desktop.

Always try to avoid buying a damaged or stolen second hand computer by verifying the original documents and check the product physically.

Is it worth buying a second hand computer?

It is absolutely worth buying second hand computer as we all know that used computers are low cost and also can get a good branded quality product at a very budget-friendly price and most people buy used for watching movie or surfing net.

Just for general use most of the desktops are currently used and it is absolutely worthless to pay a high price for a new one rather than buy a used one and save a lot of money and get quality products.

How can I avoid buying a stolen computer?

·        Documents: Check all the original documents of the used computer. The documents might be a fake or clone version of the original receipt/documents. Check very carefully.

·        Password: Ask the seller to open the computer, if the computer had some login password and he is unable to open the password then it might not be his computer. It might be a stolen one that’s the reason he cannot open the password.

·        Damage: Look for any sign of damage because some desktops have anti-theft devices that have been forcibly removed.

·        Serial Number: Look for the serial number of the desktop and check proper branding and details of the product if the details of the serial number and branding doesn’t match the seller details then it might be a stolen one.


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Are desktops becoming obsolete?

Desktops are not becoming obsolete we know that most people are buying laptops rather than desktop but always remember a laptop may be easy to carry and good for office work but when it comes to performances it’s always the desktops.

Desktops are known for their high performance ability and most of the gamers and people who want to run heavy applications use desktops for a smooth and seamless experience.

Can you sell old computers for money?

You can sell old computers for money on any classified sites. Make sure that the computer is in good condition and working absolutely. There are a lot of people who might be willing to buy the product can contact you directly and you can get cash in exchange for the computer.

Demands for buying old computers are less because old computers are slow, bulky and specifications are also very low. So, to attract more customers try to keep the price of the computer low.

Can a computer last for 10 years?

How long a computer can last depends completely upon the user and usage of the computer. Even if the computer lasts for more than 10 years the hardware and software might not function that well as it may be outdated and no longer receive improvement and security updates.

It is better if you replace some parts of your old computer and run for another 4-5years but before replacing make sure the new parts support your current motherboard.

Which is the best place to buy used computers?

You can buy an old computer on classified sites like Cifiyah. Here you can easily buy & sell used computers very easily. If you want to sell your computer then just post an advertisement for selling your computer easily and securely. If anyone interested in buying your computer can contact you directly through the contact address mentioned by you while posting your ad.







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