Elevator Shoes

Elevator Shoes Will Make You Appear Taller

Elevator shoes have been around for a long time but have recently been making a comeback. These height adding shoes help men feel more confident while still being stylish.

Elevator Shoes are great for any man for any occasion, but they do address a few specific areas of concern.

  • Leg Asymmetry

One reason that elevator shoes are so beneficial, is that they help address leg asymmetry. Although there are extreme cases of this, minor asymmetry it is more common than we realize. In fact, 1 in 3 men have asymmetrical leg length and can benefit from elevator shoes to improve stride and comfort

  • Boost Confidence

Added height can easily provide a confidence boost for men, and quality elevator shoes can do this without drawing attention to themselves. Women who wear high heels can become taller than men and elevator shoes will help maintain the desired height difference.

Emanuele Briganti has used his brand GuidoMaggi to bring fashion into the world of elevator shoes. His goal was to allow men to gain confidence from increased stature, while remaining fashionable and not giving away the secret of their height.

  • Customization

GuidoMaggi wanted to make elevator shoes available for everyone and for a variety of needs. To do this they created customizable shoes that can add 2-6 inches in height, depending upon the user’s needs. Additionally, each shoe can be made in different heights to address any leg asymmetry.

  • Variety

Emanuel Briganti had a vision of elevator shoes that would be appropriate for any social setting. So, they have many options available to choose from. This way you can maintain your height from everyday life to any special occasion.

  • Luxury Design

GuidoMaggi makes the highest quality footwear possible for their elevator shoe line. To do this, they make each pair by hand to increase comfort, quality, and style.


Once you experience the confidence provided by luxury elevator shoes, you will never go back to regular shoes again.

Increased Confidence

The third benefit of elevator shoes goes hand in hand with the previous three. When you have a few extra inches of height, better posture, and style, you’re bound to have an increase in confidence.


We often downplay the role that confidence plays in our behavior and our success. However, a strong sense of self-confidence can help you enthusiastically strive toward your goals. When you’re confident, you have the potential to improve your relationships with others, improve the quality of your work, and better connect with others at work and for fun.


When you have more confidence, you’re better able to influence others. For many men, the ability to influence others is essential to a successful work life. While elevator shoes are not imbued with any sort of magic, the added height proves beneficial in improving the self-confidence of men who wear them.


Comfort & Reduced Impact


Finally, elevator shoes can be comfortable and reduce the impact on your feet. It’s a common misconception that elevator shoes are uncomfortable (like women’s high heels). However, elevator shoes from a good brand are often comfortable, even if you’re on your feet all day.


The added padding in elevator shoes can help reduce the impact on your feet. This is great if you do a significant amount of walking or standing during the day.


Some brands even offer elevator shoes made specifically for working out. These shoes are designed not only to give you extra inches of height, but to cushion the impact that working out has on your feet.


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