Enjoy your gaming stream with LG Ultragear LED monitor price

Are you a gaming expert and wanting to enhance your streaming level? You must check LG's LED monitor price range. They have come up with an ultra gear LED that has all the desired features. All these features are brief below, let's check what this LED has in store to offer- 


Innovation beyond boundaries 

With this new innovative gizmo, you can experience the next level immersion on a nano IPS display with a 1ms response. You can head towards your victory with the innovative 27GN950. This new launch of LG is the world's first 4K nano IPS technology-filled gaming monitor. LG ultra gear delivers an unparalleled immersive experience and the ultra-fast speed of 144HZ on a 4k nano 1ms display. 


Display Stream compression 

It is supported as one UHD 4k, 10bit, and 144hz. Featuring VESA display stream compression technology, 27GN950 supports 4k high resolution gives clear and immersive picture quality. 144hz high refresh rate of sounds with 1ms GtG response time which is next to unbelievable in gaming terms. HDR and Gsync technology is an extremely as well as covering 10bit color by a single display port connection and reducing visual loss. 


Vivid colors and sharp details 

This LED monitor has an ultraHD 4K technology that supports the express high-fidelity color reproducing the vivid scenes. Moreover, the VESA display HDR600 delivers a dynamic contrast on this gigantic screen of UHD 4K screen. 


Incredible speed 

This PC is designed for incredible momentum and speed. Reimagine every scene with vivid and responsive IPS. At 27 68.58cm and the ratio of 16:9 screen which is around 3840*2160. LG's 4k Nano IPS display features are realistic and they offer true colors, enhanced contrast. Also, the clarity and details are breathed taking. The images were simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.


Comparison of speed with IPS 5ms (Left image) and IPS 1ms (GTG).

144Hz Refresh Rate


Total Immersion with Overwhelming Speed

The 144Hz refresh rate monitor combined with a 1ms response rate offers smoother, clearer action while reducing blur and ghosting.


Total Immersion with Overwhelming Speed

The images were simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.

Comparison of 60Hz Refresh Rate (left image) and 144Hz Refresh Rate. The images were simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.


FreeSyn Premium Pro technology

Gamers can experience seamless, fluid movement in hi-resolution and fast-paced games, It virtually reduces screen tearing and sputtering

  • Sound Sync Mode
  • Pause Video
  • Video Sync Mode6
  • Pause Video


Video Sync Mode

The Video Sync mode in the RGB Sphere Lighting 2.0 lights up according to the game visuals for a fully immersive experience.

*The video was shown for illustration purposes only. Actual lighting effects of Sphere Lighting 2.0 may vary due to contents and each mode. 


Designed For A Comfortable Gaming Experience

Customize your battle station in seconds. Raise, lower, tilt, pivot - the stand has a flexible ergonomic design to easily adapt to your environment and gaming style.


Creative Work Atmosphere

This hardware calibrated monitor with 4K resolution covers 98% of DCI-P3 color gamut for true color accuracy so that you can master content creation during the day and game competitively during the night.


These were some points about Ultragear UHD LED monitor TV launched by LG for a comfortable and enhanced gaming stream. 

For detailed knowledge about the product, you check LG's LED Monitor price on their website. 

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