Enlivening Your Garden - 10 Spectacular Waterwall Features

Enlivening Your Garden - 10 Spectacular Waterwall Features

Waterwall features are known for instilling serenity and tranquil in both indoor and outdoor settings. Talking about your garden and yards, you can go beyond the contemporary by adding waterwall features.

Waterwall features are known for instilling serenity and tranquil in both indoor and outdoor settings. Talking about your garden and yards, you can go beyond the contemporary by adding waterwall features. And most importantly, how exciting would it be if you could do this all by yourself. Whether it’s a flowerful plant or sculpture of a lady pouring water from her vase, we all love these simple yet artistic ideas of making our gardens beautiful. Likewise, you could incorporate the same imagination in waterwall features.


Being unique in nature and equally wild in terms of diversity, these features call for water dancing upon a big vertical surface. Seemingly, this creates an illusion of trickling particles down a moist wall reflecting pleasant sounds and glittering visuals. With such a wide array of features to make your old traditional garden a bit vitalized, we have shortlisted some of the favorite ones. Now, the list is long, but bear with us; we are sure that by the end of this blog, you will know what kind of waterwall feature is best to play with.


Rain Wall

This type of water feature is all about a heavy plastic ribbon throwing a stream of continuous water. Normally, rain walls are installed next to a staircase, where it provides a thumping visual appeal and mystic ambiance to the place. You can be a bit more creative with this design by adding LED lights to the ribbon. This would create an illusion of multi-colored water flowing from the specimen.


Standing waterwall

Think of a standard wall standing in front of you. How dull and ugly it looks at first. What if a stream of water flows over it and lights are installed to add a bit of color. How cool would it be then? Essentially, standing waterwalls contain water reservoirs that are hidden in polished stones.


Water Curtains

Stemming from the Greek-fashioned garden wall, where water flows over a vertical stretch. Water curtains are installed over artificial ponds where water pours from them vertically, separating specific sections of the garden.


Bubble Wall

Different from the other water features present in this list, a Bubble Wall panel can also be installed in your garden. We do have to cater to the walls surrounding the garden; hence we can add a bit of serenity to them as well. Bubble walls come in different sizes and shapes; therefore, you can get one customized for yourself and installed in the place that faces your garden.


Water Fountain

It never gets old when you have a water fountain in your garden. Considered as the elementary unit, a water fountain can be styled by adding thick water ribbons and polished stones. This perennial looking piece with stones creates a mosaic feel for water splashing over. While ordering one for yourself, ask for a sculpture carved, particularly of someone that you admire.


Water Archway

This spectacular waterwall feature has large copper door frames that are paving way for a stream of water. This specimen is installed towards the entrance of the garden, as it provides visuals of water particles bubbling over glossy stones.


Fence Waterwall

Just as the name speaks, a fence waterwall is none other than a water feature trapped between vertical gardens on a timber made wall. Importantly, the wall comes with a subtle textured coating, perfected by rich vegetation.


Stone Waterwall

Quite the ordinary, stone waterwalls are a gardener delight since they are elaborate to build and have elegant features. Setting up one involves all the heavy lifting of stones that eats up most of your time. Nonetheless, it’s the touch of creativity you put in to carve something very exotic on the outside.


Corner Waterwall

The last on our list is all about bespoke designing of a large wall overlaying a small spaced patio. This eventually forms an oasis in the sides, with parallel slats putting a visual factor into the overall garden.


Looking at this list, we now hope that you might have picked one design that would suit your garden renovation. Since there is no stopping to creativity that you can play with water; hence, you can go beyond these ideas into making something that is immensely creative. The ideas listed above, it’s possible that the one you like may not suit your garden in the end. Maybe, the placement or some aspects of the particular water feature would look bad. Not to demotivate you, but this could happen. Therefore, it’s best to peruse every idea, and if something doesn’t work out, you can play with it and make it suitable for your liking.

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