Expore the Beauty of Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers nestled in Chamoli district the severe and peise region of garhwal Amidst playful streams and western Himalayas

Valley of Flowers national park is the most resplendent place to rely your vacation upto. This place is restled in the lap of Western Himalayas giving a picturesque senic holiday. this place is one of the must visit places to get attached with the leace, solace and charm that the Mother Natures offers, Away form all the urban hustles and bustle, this place provides the beauty of calmness and amazement and away from sophistication this place is endowed with classic and unblemished natural beauty. Valley of Flowers is an ideal spot to witness the epitome of beauty while taking a walk on the carpet of Alpine and other rare yet beautiful flowers. You might get confused onto which put your focus on - dancing and grooming flowers or astonishingly walking species like Asiatic black deer, snow leopard , red fox brown bear and blue sheep! The sayings are even celebrated as Hanuman used from this area to cure Lakshman. Valley of Flowers offers epitome of beauty all endowed with grooming colourful flowers, running sparkling streams and mind blowing snow cladded mountains. 

Experience the thrilling trek 

A trek to Valley of Flowers is a must do trek once in a lifetime as it will bring your reverie into reality! Valley of Flowers trekking tour aur all endowed with the surprising aspects of nature and will make your trek to Valley of Flowers a memorable one. This place offers you an aura of enchanting streams, snow clad mountain, floral pastures and awe inspiring view of rare and endangered animals. The transcending clouds emanating silver linings and golden hues, unblemished pasture pasture of flowers and melodious cherping of birds will provide releciation to your mind and soul. 

The Itinerary of Heaven! 

Valley of Flowers trek is a minimum three days trek. The trek begins at Haridwar and you will react to the last motorable point, Govindghat. The trek is followed by a full day ride by the holy river Alaknanda. The flowing sparkling streams will amaze your mind with serenity and peace it holds. And if the time allows Rudraprayag and Devprayag are no where out of our prospectus. The most astonishing beauty of mother nature awaits your presence in the form of Kag Bhusandi lake. This lake is a high altitude lake reposing 7 km toward Ghangharia. When you take your further trek about 9km along the Pushpavati river, you will be followed by an enchanting and mesmerising view all along. 

Lastly the trek to Valley of Flowers begins. This place is an unblemished epitome of beauty and is away from all the hustle and bustle of urbanism. This place is nothing but an amalgamation of bliss and beauty, Grooving and sparkling streams, enchanting fresh view of nature, playful chirping of birds and what not. The adventurous trek starts here with steep roads but is fabled as a worthy trek. This trek will lead you to Hemkund Sahib and before traversing towards Pulna, enjoy the attracting beauty of flowers all along.This trek is followed by journey by Badrinath through roads. The tiring yet full of enthusiasm trek will again lead you to the place you started from - Haridwar. 

Blue Poppy Holidays is the best your operator as we provide packages that will suit your budgetand that will bring the best out of nature. We keep in mind your needs and convenience and set itinerary accordingly that would include all the adventurous treks alongside holy rivers that are enough to provide calmness to your mind. Trek to Valley of Flowers is a timing one but incorporate all the sumptous yet classic tour. 

A scenic trek full of adventure and breathtakingly awe inspiring view awaits you! 

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