Langtang Valley Trek | Himalayan Glacier

Nepal is one of the preferred destinations among adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, mountaineers, and adventure sports lovers. Nepal has many lofty mountain peaks. Eight of the world's two highest mountain peaks lie in Nepal making it a perfect trekking destination. Trekkers from other corners of the world visit Nepal to enjoy the adventurous adventure sports. All types of trekking trails can be seen in Nepal from a moderate trekking zone too hard trails for expert trekkers.

Nepal is a landlocked country situated within the Latitude of 26°20'N to 30°26'N & longitude of 80°03'E to 88°15'E between the Asian Giants India and China. Nepal is one of the very sought after trekking destinations in the world. It is the property of the mountain. Among the fourteen highest peaks in the world, eight are in Nepal making it the most challenging and adventurous trekking spot. It is mostly preferred by adventure enthusiasts, nature enthusiasts, and nature lovers. Nepal is also famous for its trekking route and hiking activities. Langtang valley trek is one of the best trekking destinations with picturesque, Cultural and Heritage Trek in Nepal, considered by numerous trekkers to be one of the best secret lands in Nepal. 


Langtang valley trek is the closest Himalayan region from Kathmandu valley. It is north of the capital city of Kathmandu with high peaks on each side of the valley. Aside from trekking and mountaineering experiences, Nepal is also famed for rich wildlife especially avifauna, beautiful all-natural scenery, ice floated glaciers, small hamlets, mountainous tribes with colorful culture and heritage, etc. Nepal has many trekking trails at all altitudes supplying low-grade trekking, middle-grade trekking, and higher grade trekking. Adventure loving people of all ages can enjoy trekking here.


Even children can have the fun of trekking in the Himalayas at the reduced level trekking trail. Beginner trekker of good strength can extend up to mid-level trekking courses to take the adventurous challenge. Trekking does not call for extra abilities. One can easily love mountain trekking following some guidelines. If you will begin trekking with these preparations, you will really enjoy the experience of peak climbing in Nepal. Some of the most popular trekking trails of Nepal are Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Pokhara- Jomsom- Muktinath circuit, Everest Base Camp, Everest Panorama Trek, Langtang Valley, Dhaulagiri trekking area, Manaslu, etc. 


Along these sides, you'll also find a lot of lakes, icy glaciers and verdant vegetation producing picturesque landscape. You will also come across many wildlife sanctuaries with exotic and rare wildlife species and valleys with an abundance of birds with chirping tweets. These items will add to your enjoyment during trekking. You'll also get in contact with many tribes dwelling life in the hamlets in keep paths. They will welcome you warmly and will also enable you whenever you are in a problem. At last, I would recommend you begin trekking under the guidance of a trekking guide. It'll be safe for you.


Also, they are aware of dangerous paths and will help you stay free of risk. They are also ware of interesting trekking course and will allow you to enjoy maximum in the mountains of Himalaya. They also will provide you necessary trekking equipments and security equipment. We offer a number of different styles of trekking trip for example classic, hard, luxury, and household, every one of which might involve swimming, staying in tea-houses or even a combination of both.


You'll be led by our experienced guides and accompanied by favorable Sherpas into the world's mightiest mountains throughout the spellbinding valleys, rhododendron forests and holy lakes of the Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, and off-the-beaten-track regions. The first two weeks of the dry season (October and November) will be the perfect time for trekking in Nepal. The air is cleaned from the monsoon rains, the mountain scenery is superb and the weather is still comfortably warm. December, January, and February are still good months for trekking however, the cold can be sour at high altitudes.

Among the fourteen highest mountain peaks, eight are in Nepal. Therefore, it is preferred by the adventurous loving tourists. You will really enjoy having a tour in Nepal in these areas. You can cross lots of beautiful mountain hamlets on your own toaster. You will get a wondrous opportunity to explore the Himalayan culture. You will also cross some famous wildlife sanctuaries. You can spot many exotic and rare mountainous flora and fauna. Nepal is reported to be the perfect destination for bird viewing. More than 750 species of avifauna reside in the mountain valley of Nepal. Listen to their own sweet chirping and warm up your mood in the chilly climate.

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