Deepfakes Video Detection Services

Face Swap Machine Learning Technology

Deepfake are AI-based generated fake images, videos or audios that embarrass people like politicians, celebrities and other popular personalities who usually become victim of such fake actions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is providing the innovative technology to develop various automated models, system, applications and machines for various fields. But few people take advantage of such technology and misuse for fun or to gain popularity or take revenge from others.

Deepfake is the invention of some wicked minded people who use AI to create the fake videos of celebrities and popular personalities. And, now it is mainly used in pornographic industry to show the face of popular actress on adult stars to gain the number of views on adults or malicious websites.

Though, Deep fake is also created in revenge to defame the personality of the popular person. In politics Deep Fake creators use the face of politicians on other hateful people while giving the speech or saying something bad about the community or anything else which is not acceptable to common people. But thanks to AI and human-powered, Deepfake detection service, such videos and images can be easily detected to control such fake videos. So, let’s find out how Deep Fake detection works and what are the Deepfake contents detected under this service.

Deepfakes Machine Learning used to Create Fake Images

In Deep fake images, the original image of any person is superimposed with popular celebrity. And once such fake images are created with the help of Deepfakes Machine Learning it is used on various popular platforms and sources to promote and circulate more for more appearance among common people.

To create the fake deep fake images, huge quantity of targeted person’s face picture from different angle is used with face swap machine learning technology. The entire image becomes so genuine that it is not possible to detect the depfake used into the image. Common people easily believe in such images and give their reactions if found unusual. But experts who know how such fake images are created can detect the Deepfakes. Cogito is one of top companies providing the Deepfake detection service to identify the other details and report the community.

Deepfake Video Detection using AI


Just like fake images, Deep Fake videos are created to defame the popular personalities. In pornography industry Deepfake videos celebrities, especially females are targeted to make videos by morphing their faces on other unknown adult actors.

Again here the Deepfake algorithms are used to create such videos but thanks to good AI, such fake videos can be detected and inform the community about such activities. Here again Deepfake detection expert team analyses and closely scrutinize the deepfake videos along with face and voice, lips movement of the person is manipulated that becomes hard to recognize for a normal person.

Cogito is involved in detection service and provides the Deepfake video detection using the huge database of well-known personalities in the world and our experts can detect such faces in videos by checking the face and expressions of the targeted person from every angle to ensure the accuracy.

How Deepfake Images & Videos are Detected ?

As Deepfake images or videos are created with machine learning technology, hence it is not easier to detect for common man, even in some cases for experts too. But Deepfake experts at Cogito are experienced enough to recognize the unusual activities or actions that not seems genuine.

While detecting the Deepfakes various factors are considered like minutely checking the quality of video, eyes and neck or irregular blinking of eyes or person, crop effects around the mouth, unnatural movements or inconsistent skin tones and changes in background or lighting and hair style or color etc.

  Deepfake Detection Services for Images, Videos and Audio

Cogito is offering the Deepfake detection service to identify the fake audio, images and videos created through Deekfake machine learning. It is also providing the Deepfake detection dataset to develop the right AI model that can detect the deepkfakes contents with best level of accuracy. IT is also involved in generating the computer training data for machine learning and deep learning based AI development.

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