Features You Should Look for in a Brand New laptop

Looking for the best laptop under Rs. 50,000? You better not miss out on these 5 most important features that a brand new laptop must-have. Read on to know more.

Everyone wants something different from their laptop. Some folks think most about specs. Others think more about screens. You may think more about having the best gaming laptop that looks amazing than having one that can run graphically intensive games. After all, we all have different preferences. Instead, we will discuss the 5 must-have features a brand new laptop under 50,000 INR should possess.


In order to have a seamless multitasking and productivity experience, most users require 8GB of RAM. More RAM means more tasks can be performed at once. You can also go for a 16GB variant which will be more than enough for carrying out intensive tasks, such as video editing and animation projects. 

Storage Capacity 

Laptops housing a solid-state drive operate significantly faster than those with the traditional hard drive. Laptops generally come with either 256GB storage or 512GB of storage capacity, which is sufficient to store your data and important files. Having a solid-state drive implies that you are trading off a little bit of storage space for extra efficiency. But you can always go for a cloud storage service or an external storage option if you have loads of data to store.

Longer Battery Life

Battery shouldn’t be a concern if you're buying a bulky laptop, or some gaming rig that is going to be used on a desk near an outlet. However, you will want at least eight-plus hours of runtime if you intend to use the laptop somewhere outside. Don't take the manufacturer's word for  a laptop 's estimated battery life. Read reviews from independent sources to have a better insight of the product.

Display Resolution

You must always get a laptop with at least 1920 x 1080 pixel display resolution, unless you want a 720p resolution, and want the laptop at a cheaper rate. A 1080p screen will provide greater clarity and detail, than a screen that just provides 720p resolution. Also, since most of the content on streaming sites and games are in full HD, you will have a much better experience with a 1080p screen.


Generally, laptops under the 50,000 INR segment offer processors like Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5. If the laptop model that you like offers a lower-end processor, see what the brand offers in its place. Once you settle for an older CPU there’s no going back. So it is better to choose the CPU beforehand. GPU is responsible for the graphic oriented portion of your laptop, be it games or video editing. Having even a basic GPU onboard will enable you to do much more than just accomplish routine tasks.

When you do find the perfect laptop you've been looking for, don't forget to skim through the customer reviews before buying. This way, you will be aware of any flaws in the machine and how the company will handle them. So, when people ask for the best laptop in India, we cannot crown one single laptop as the best.


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