Foods for a Healthy Stomach and Healthy Life

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Health is wealth and there is nothing that can be emphasized enough to highlight this statement. Most of us have been through a horrible sickness experience which has instilled a whole new appreciation of being healthy and functioning properly. While many of us take our health for granted the consequences could be much worse than imagined.

Being healthy and taking care of your health does not mean taking medicines on time or visiting a doctor immediately when you feel sick. It is a responsibility to avoid your body from suffering negative repercussions of your unhealthy habit. It is a promise to leave everything that is bad for our body, mind and wellbeing and staying committed to the gift of health. While this sounds extremely tricky, staying healthy is not that hard. It’s just a commitment which you grow into if you modify few things here and there in your life.

Since we all have been familiar with the famous phrase; “You are what you eat”, how about bringing about the change at the most internal level. Starting with something that does not only make changes for few days but sets you on the right track for the rest of your life. Here are few healthy food options that will keep your tummy happy and your life fresh.

  1. Yoghurt

An excellent source of so-called helpful bacteria, also referred to as probiotics, is live yoghurt. Look out for full-fat, sugar-free versions and add your own fruit for a delicious breakfast. It contains helpful bacteria known as probiotics, good bacteria that reside in your digestive tract, which can help boost digestion and keep your gut healthy.

Although probiotics naturally exist in your gut, digestion can be eased by boosting your intake through foods such as yoghurt. Probiotics, including bloating, constipation and diarrhea, can assist with digestive problems. Improving the digestion of lactose, or milk sugar, has also been shown.

Yogurt drinks can contain high concentrations of gut-friendly bacteria, far more than you would find in a regular yoghurt. However, do be careful as they may have a high sugar content.

  1. Whole Grains

The optimum function of the colon requires a minimum of 30 g of fiber daily. Whole grains contain plenty of nutrition, as well as added nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, compared to processed carbohydrates, such as white bread and pasta. In the cells lining the colon, where 70 percent of our immune cells reside, these molecules facilitate proper function. Lee says that eliminating grains entirely might not be so perfect for the healthy gut bacteria that thrive on fibre, despite the popularity of low-carb diets for weight loss.

  1. Olive Oil

Eating unhealthy oily food is one of the major reasons for health issues. Not to mention high cholesterol, heart diseases and increased chances of obesity. While cooking in oil gives a lovely touch to the taste you can also shift to lower calories and high energy alternatives. Many doctors recommend olive oil as an essential element of a healthy diet.

Microbes and gut bacteria like a diet of fatty acids and polyphenols. These are contained in the oil of olives. Studies have shown it helps to decrease inflammation of the gut. Use it or drizzle it over cooked vegetables for salad dressing. Some studies have also found that olive oil is helpful in alleviating problems with indigestion and can also benefit the pancreas by reducing its digestive enzyme production requirement.

  1. Avoid Troubling food

You could be eating anything provided on the list to have a healthy gut and a better health but still be suffering from negative digestive issues. Bloating, gastric issues, tummy pain and whatnot! This is not because the healthy food isn’t working for you it might be because you are cancelling it with something really bad.

Having a healthy lifestyle is not just eating healthy but it also means to not eat unhealthy stuff. To avoid carbonated drinks, junk oily food and anything that could upset your stomach lining. It also means to opt for healthy supplements that are ruling the market to overcome gastric issues. After all the human body needs its vital nutrients and vitamins. You can begin with one of the most popular gastric issue solution; Synbiotic 365, and the best thing is you can also use the Synbiotic 365 coupon to get amazing discounts and savings when you purchase this valuable and healthy supplements.


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