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Freezer Purchasing Guide For Bangladesh, 2021

Here lies the complete satisfaction of the use of a freezer. This appliance maintains the freshness level and nutrition content of the food as mentioned above items.

In new instances, a kitchen can't exist without a freezer. The freezer was a thing for wealthy people a few years ago, and now it has come to be a necessity. Freezers aid from the storage of fruits and vegetables and maintaining their freshness undamaged. Refrigerator also provides space for yummy desserts and ice creams. Freezers also help keep the amount of nutrition in our food untouched, which imparts a much healthier living. Nowadays, because of the advancement of technology, various types of freezers are introduced on the market. So it is difficult to determine the kind of freezer an individual should purchase because one needs to keep in mind the period for which he or she intends to utilize the freezer. This choice depends on various factors, mainly storage capacity, a policy of space, technology introduced, and intake of energy, preferences of relatives, and the budget.

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What is the freezer?

Samsung fridge includes many compartments designed to store food, drinks, and necessary items like medications for extended periods under reduced temperatures. This appliance is insulated thermally. Therefore, it maintains a specific temperature on the interior that's ideal for slowing down the deterioration of their quality of nourishment and maintaining the freshness and nutrition of food things undamaged for long. Freezers also have freezers that make ice that's excellent for storing fish and meats under shallow temperatures.

Why do you need a freezer?

When a healthy diet is a concern, your body requires fresh vegetables, fruits and drinks. Sometimes, our hectic schedule drains all our energy, making it very difficult to shop for such food items daily. Here lies the complete satisfaction of the use of a freezer. This appliance maintains the freshness level and nutrition content of the food as mentioned above items. It also offers you chilled water whenever you are bored and wines whenever you are in for some fun. You could also store food that is already cooked to eat the next day and keep medicines in storage for long periods.

This guide for purchasing the right freezer for those clients will cite to you in details concerning the primary and general features of freezers; arrange them according to the groups as per their overall layout and targeted end-users and will consequently give you the ability to select up the ideal fridge to satisfy your everyday requirements. You will also get to know about a few accessories you ought to buy along with a freezer.

Different Kinds of Freezers

Immediate Cool Freezer

Direct excellent freezers are those kinds of freezers that are more basic where fans aren't used for cooling the refrigerator compartment. The cooling results from a natural type of convection where one part may get cooler than some other function within the torso. Nevertheless, these freezers are exceptionally energy-efficient for the exact cause. It features only a few single-door freezers under it. Lately, some of these direct trendy freezers are featured with digital auto defrost technologies to prevent manual defrosting.

Frost Free Freezer

Nowadays, these frost-free freezers consist of electric fans that help in distributing cool air within the bedrooms. This avoids ice growth outside the freezer and assists in the controlled cooling of the air pocket. These freezers can also be provided from auto defrost technology. Moreover, frost-free freezers would be the best at maintaining a constant temperature throughout the freezer's compartments. Learn more about the difference between frost free and direct trendy freezers.

Frost-free freezers are of the following types:

Single Door Freezer

Single Door Freezers have a single door upfront, which protects the relaxed ambience inside the freezer. Such freezers contain a freezer, a fridge and a vegetable bin. These are considered to be entry-level freezers and are very reasonably priced. Single door frost-free freezers occupy less space, and thus, they are best for smaller offices, stores, grocery stores. Single door versions have a storage capacity of approximately 60-280 lit.

Double Door Freezer

Double door freezers are more prominent in size and, as the name goes, consists of 2 doors upfront and give a storage capacity of approximately 200-600 lit. One door covers the refrigerator compartments that maintain temperatures between 0 and 10-degree centigrade, while another door seals the freezer room, which keeps the lower temperature atmosphere. The existence of two individual doors reduces the odds of heat escape even when the refrigerator is opened frequently.

Side-By-Side Freezer

This Sort of freezer consists of 2 doors side by side, just like a cupboard. Such freezers have large storage capacities around 710 lit and may have the water and ice dispenser inside. A freezer of the kind with a water dispenser lets you fill the glasses without opening the door. The cupboard like design gives a lot of space for storage, and two doors help save on energy intake.

Bottom Mounted Freezer

These freezers have an exceptional design in which the freezer section lies at the bottom, and the fridge segment is on top. This type of design is more easy-going because, in such instances, one does not need to bend every opportunity to extract products or greens. The bottom freezer section carries an extensive area for storing an ample number of frozen foods and ice, which are required sometimes.

Categorization by use


With a 190 lit capability, a small frost freezer is the best for you if you are living single. Single doors and a double door version will be good choices according to your needs. Remembering the space available, you will go for a freezer with a footprint accordingly.

Small Family

A family with double door models function as a better alternative as it saves energy as regular opening raises electricity consumption. According to your own needs, a model with a giant vegetable basket or large freezer needs to be selected. An individual should also look out for electricity star ratings; for example, 5 or 4 stars rated versions use less electricity.

Big Family

A large in case you have a vast family, double door, side-by-side and bottom-mounted models are your options. The availability of floor space under your needs and your budget plays a job. If you need a refrigerator for fresh food, then a Deep freezer will be a fantastic selection.

Characteristics to keep an eye out for:

Freezers have several features in various combinations:

- Shelves may be wired, either acrylic or tempered glass type. Tempered glass shelves are generally the best.

Ice and Water dispensers are a characteristic mainly present in side-by-side used to fill glasses with cold water without even opening their freezer doors.

- Separators help to organize fruits and vegetables in the different boxes

- Deodorizers keep food fresh for a longer duration

- Assessing should be performed for the noise level for any humming sounds

- Child locks are a characteristic set up to stop kids from opening the freezer without knowing

- Moisture control is essential to keep vegetables fresh.

How the size of the freezer effects power consumption

With the gradually increasing requirements of the households in Bangladesh, freezers' dimensions and abilities will also be increasing. It's evident that the more giant your freezer, the greater the gain in their freezer's electricity consumption. It is seen that with the volume increasing by one liter, the usage of power in freezers increase by 0.5-1 units. For instance, a 5 star 310 lit freezer will use up about 40-95 more companies than a 5 star, 220 lit version every year. Hence, it is essential for individuals with rigorous daily budgets to choose freezers of size whilst buying. Generally, freezers work more effectively when they're full, and so empty freezers may increase your bill. That means you ought to get the right freezer for your everyday needs.

Attempt to swap the freezer

Do you understand old freezers have more energy than new ones? Read our content on the energy consumption of the old freezer. Please see it's good to get rid of the old freezer before you buy. Fortunately, many internet portals such as Transcom Digital are promoting these market offers, whish’s quite incredible. It won't only save money on the new freezer but also the most straightforward approach to getting rid of the old freezer.

Always prefer

Yes, freezers five star means it's the most energy-efficient freezer. Even they are highly-priced, the long term return on investment will be high due to monthly power bill saving. Please notice freezer is 24 hours utilized home appliance. Please look at our additional article that unplugs the fridge when not used to save energy consumption.

A few important things you must keep in mind:

The Inverter Technology that finds use in air conditioners is also used in freezers. It enriches the usage of electricity in the freezer by controlling the energy supply to the breaker. It's the most efficient model available from the market since it consumes minimum electricity. The inverter technology is available only in frost-free freezers.

The Sum of food you consume daily has a significant role in determining the type of refrigerator which is perfect for you. Nowadays, freezers are on sale, according to the fridge to freezer ratio. So if you're a vegetarian, you must go for versions because you would need additional space to keep veggies.

People have a trend of overloading the freezer even though this increases energy consumption. Thus, it’s advisable to store just those food things which might perish otherwise.



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