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Susan a part time makeup artist and a part time student,
experimented on her little sister as she grew older and used her as a canvas in practicing make up….
I am Susan, here is my iDitch story
The suburbs of Toledo Ohio, Bowling Green with its pristine streets, and manicured lawns was a far cry from the inner cities of Columbus or Cleveland.
I always loved painting, when I was a student in Bowling Green High School, All I did was experiment on the faces of my fellow classmates especially when there was a football game coming around,(GO Bowling Green KY Football).
I made enough money doing make-up for friends and family, to shop at the Bee Gee shopping center each weekend, and even got my very own cell phone and paid my cell phone bills each month.
This was when I knew I could do this for a living, I started searching online on how I could get certified as a make-up Artist in my home state of Ohio. Found a cosmetology school not too far from home, I was still in High School at this moment, a Seniorprepping for college and at the same time going to beauty school.

My parents were both encouraging, they always taught us to go for our goals, and to believe in ourselves….
I graduated after a grueling nine months in beauty school, with my cosmetologist license, it was a very happy day for me. I had also graduated from high school, and here I was, about to go to college and with a beauty certificate that I could make a living with…
I had a great summer vacation before college started at the Bowling Green State University, I was accepted to study international Studies. I studied real hard and graduated two years later with a 3.5GPA with an associate Degree.
Things were looking real good, I decided to take a year off, to clear my mind, and evaluate all the options that I had, I was contemplating on moving to a big city, maybe move east to NYC, or move west to Los Angeles….
After six months of fun, I decided to move to NYC, It was an experience that I would never forget, a small town girl moving to a big city like New York…
I arrived in NYC, with such zeal and drive to succeed,
I got a job at a restaurant working as a waitress, while I registered at Pace University and polished my MUA skills by doing make-up for fellow co-workers and classmates at
school….I love waitressing, so it never bothered me that I was not working officially in a salon as a make-up artist.
After residing in NYC for two years, I felt it was time to either get a 9–5, since I had just graduated from Pace U, or get busy with my MUA career, I chose beauty!.
Ever since, it has been an exhilarating ride, I have worked in small shops with just the two of us, medium make-up shops in Manhattan with 6 of us and I have worked in high end, high class make-up shops, still, I felt a void in me…..I was not content with my how I managed my time and how I was working long hours, and paying a significant portion of my earnings to the the store owner…it was disheartening, to work long hours and sometimes give up as much as 35 to 40 percent of my earnings to the store owner or for renting seats or chairs.
So, I decided to go online and search for companies or apps that suited my very essential needs, fluid time to choose when to work, less out of pocket money going to the platform/store/chair or seat owners. Statistics to showcase how good an Artisan is
doing compared to the highest grossing MUA’s within their circle, or vicinity.
Assistance with advertising and extensive visibility to showcase the Artisan on other sister platforms, and partners,…the list goes on and on

After a very rigorous search, I chose the iDitch App,..
Registration was easy, I was done registering in less than 10 Minutes, the vetting process was assuring, that iDitch cared about their clients and Artisans safety and I started taking in Gigs (work) about 1 hour after I registered. I was tentatively approved, and everything worked like clockwork.
I would like to categorically state that I had registered on some other Apps previously, but after 4 weeks of working on the iDitch app, the experience was a million times better than any other app company I had worked with and I was and still honestly elated with the decision that I took.
I make way more money, even more that I would be making if I were working with my degree. Everything about iDitch just suits me perfectly, recently I upgraded my account to the iDitch Prime Account, which is an account that is by invitation only.
Everything has been working out for the better, and just 7 months ago, I got engaged to my boyfriend and our wedding is planned for summer next year, and guess what, I would have all iDitch Artisans doing all the Beautification and men’s grooming for the occasion.
It has been such a life changing experience and I look forward to ever better things to happen in the nearest future with me working with iDitch…I had to write this short note to you my fellow iDitch User Member friends, to let you know that all is well that ends well….
Follow your dreams, work hard at it and one would definitely reap the fruits of ones labor,.
Comments and feedbacks are welcome…
An iDitch Artisan.

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