Get free kundali reading for marriage & enlight your marriage life

Light up the darkest days of your life by the knowledge of kundali reading. Predict your future & get remedies to overcome the obstacles


Light up the darkest days of your life by the knowledge of kundali reading. Predict your future & get remedies to overcome the obstacles

kundli is the astronomical map of a person’s life. It shows every detail about what kind of circumstance a person faces in his life. The type of problems he can face. Each part of a person’s life is situated in his Kundli. So by free kundli reading a person can overcome the complications in his life


Importance of Kundali reading for marriage

There is a time in everyone life when they want a partner to support him, to share love, sorrow and every bit of his life is towards that one person. This is the time a person want to marry in his life. From the ancient times people used to use kundli to forecast the future life of the couple. It is very useful as by kundali reading for marriage we can know the similarity, character, health, wealth and many more parts of the couple of life.

Our astrologers match the kundali through the ancient techniques. There are 36 aspects or guns of every person. In a marriage when the couple have more than 18 guns similar to each other than the life of that couple will filled with happiness. There are also various process through zodiac sign to know the various times of the couple life. So kundali prediction for marriage is very important in a marriage


Guide for kundli reading


Kundli is the birth chart of a person that is a unique astronomical reflection of his life. Here we are providing you free kundli reading through this you just have to give us the date of birth, time, place and your name. Here after this process of giving us the details we provide your kundli.


In this online kundali making process you will get the kundali predictions for your life like  kundali reading for marriage, the knowledge about your health, wealth, carrier, several dosha & the favourable time of your life. Through this knowledge you can enhance your life decisions and can achieve your goals.


The most important aspect of kundali reading is to know about the future and according to our destiny we have to fulfil our duty towards our life. A persons character can be reflect through his zodiac sign. The perfect sign can show the nature of a person. How the person react on which condition. When will he angry, what is his attitude in his life towards other people.


Process of kundali making


Kundli is made by the astronomical position of the universal character. It is the ancient science written from ancient time like yoga, ayurved.so to make a kundali the astrologers want some details about the person. They want to know the date of birth, place of birth and the time of birth of the person. Through these details the astrologers calculate the position of sun, moon, and the other planets in our universe to make the kundli.


Here you can get the accurate free kundali prediction that made by our top astrologers through the kundali by date of birth. Our astrologers give you the 100% accurate prediction as they follow the ancient technique’s that are written in the ancient books of astronomical science.


Why go for online kundali?


By free janam kundali analysis we provide you the various kind of studies about your life. Every bit of your life and how you can change your future through the remedies given by our astrologers.


  • The birth chart which shows the 12 Rasi and the position of planetary bodies in each rasi
  • Favourable period of your life
  • Pitra dosha
  • Vimsottari Dasha
  • Antardashas or bhukties
  • Sadesati dosha
  • Mahadashas and its effect on you
  • Paryantra dasha Timings
  • Manglik dosha
  • Varga charts


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