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Get Ready For These Changes In Custom Software Development Trends-2021

As far as disruptive years go, 2020 will undoubtedly be on the top for quite a long time to come. A global pandemic like the coronavirus is something that has happened in almost a century. Needless to say, the effect of this pandemic has been heavily felt in all the sectors and industrial domains.

Custom software development services also have witnessed a big change in the way they worked, when you compare them before and after the pandemic. Despite COVID-19 in 2020, software development witnessed a lot of advancements in a number of its specific areas.

With the world now going digital, you can rightly expect a number of changes this year as well.

What Custom Software Development has in Store for 2021?

As far as 2021 is concerned, there will surely be a handful of trends that will shape this year and the coming future as well.

We try and take a look at some of these trends that will be crucial for custom software development services in the future-

A Highly Unified Digital Infrastructure

If you are even a little aware of how the digital world works, chances are pretty high that you will have heard of the Cloud as well. It is one of the highly impacted industries during COVID-19, but this impact was on the positive side, as a large number of businesses went digital during this period.

A cloud infrastructure brings in a lot of flexibility in terms of meeting fluctuating demands. A rise or drop can be managed with equal efficiency through a cohesive cloud. This trend will surely continue for not just 2021, but even further.

A Change in the Heart of Big Data & Data Mining

Big Data is a highly scientific but crucial method of processing considerably large data-sets. A little while ago, Hadoop Map-Reduce was considered a pretty sophisticated tool for this very purpose. However, the current software development trends find Apache Spark to be a pretty dominant force.

Hadoop Map did have a few misgivings, and Apache Spark actually targets all those pain-points by executing the entire processing right there in the memory. In 2021 too, Apache Spark will be taking over the batch processing more things as we move forward.

AI will Keep Nailing Things as it Has Been

Like every other sector, AI has been a huge driving force in mobile and web app development services. Because it’s such a path-breaking technology in itself, there’s no technology that can rival it presently.

This year too, it can be safely said that AI will continue to make business operations more efficient, aided perfectly with Machine Learning and other related technologies. As we move on, software developers will surely leverage their skills to derive better use of image recognition and machine learning.

A Quantum Leap into Computing

If there is something remarkably close to AI in terms of potential, it has to be Quantum Computing. Armed with the ability to change how we perceive super-computing, expect some huge breakthroughs in quantum computing technology during 2021.

Managed Service Providers will Become Essential

Given the intense competition that has engulfed industries, mobile and web app development services too will require managed services to actually make an impact. With a managed service provider, it becomes easy to harness the actual potential that cloud providers like Amazon and Google have for providing its users.

Because an increased number of businesses are making a switch to the ‘Cloud’, 2021 can actually prove to be a great time to leave the local servers and move to the cloud for a better competitive advantage.

The trends and patterns in software development will always keep on changing, that’s for sure. It’s on how the world tackles these changes that are going to count in the future. For the most amazing custom software development services, Consagous Technologies can be a great option for you.

With the right kind of experience and the right team, there will never be room for disappointment.

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