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Getting Together with the Pros and Cons of Salesforce

From a small apartment building in 1999, Salesforce has evolved the idea of a cloud-CRM software despite the users doubting on any third-party storing their confidential data. It is a popular product in the CRM market and has been a renowned leader in sales automation and customer service as well for more than a decade.

It is correctly recognized as a strong tool for addressing sales, marketing challenges, and customer service.

Implementing an intelligent system like Salesforce mobile app builder, no doubt speeds up the automation of internal processes, and the search for new leads gets easier. But Salesforce mobile app development and services also have some disadvantages on its part.

Listed below are some pros and cons of different Salesforce features that would help you make smart decisions regarding its demand for execution.

Customization and Configuration

Salesforce mobile app builder has plentiful customization capabilities, that can be chosen for modification of your Salesforce solutions.


  • When the default features are not sufficient enough, the Salesforce Lightning platform gives you various options to develop and customize your business processes.
  • There are several drag-and-drop features and coding solutions for configuration and customization including email templates, custom fields, automated workflows, and tailored dashboards for certain tasks.
  • Users with very minimal technical experience can easily manage the platform without any struggle.
  • The development of AI-powered apps becomes handy.


  • If you wish your Salesforce platform to function as if it was developed in-house, you will probably need to hire an admin and a team of certified developers.
  • Excessive customization sometimes leads to a lower adoption level.
  • Over-customization gets harder for your employees to understand and this leads to poor employee productivity.

Cloud Deployment

The cloud-computing nature of Salesforce is easy to begin with. You just need to have an Internet connection and a license to use Salesforce. The platform is easy to manage and access in any well-known browser.


  • Being a cloud-based CRM, Salesforce can be accessed anytime and from anywhere in the world.
  • The cloud deployment greatly simplifies the Salesforce administration and configuration. To address the needs of your end-users, even a single admin would be enough.


  • Salesforce (or any other CRM) is fully dependent on Internet connectivity. You need a stable connection to ensure the consistency of business transactions and processes that are CRM supported.
  • Your lack of control over system upgrades can turn into a real-time problem for your business.

Versatile Products

A need for automation in workflows rises, as your business grows. That’s the very right time when Salesforce gets handy as you get a Salesforce product license for your company, to cover a specific business need.

However Salesforce is well-known for its sales application, it has a set of a product called Clouds that include Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud.


  • You can build your portal or app for partner and customer communication using the lightning platform or even create a website with the help of the Salesforce solution, called
  • Salesforce CRM also works as a private social network for your employees.
  • This versatility provides data sharing opportunities to manage the multi-channel customer experiences.


  • Adopting a new product to enhance your solutions would get to increased expenses. If you wish to solve the sales, marketing, and service issues with Salesforce products - get ready to pay.
  • There also exist certain functionality limitations with each edition of Salesforce.

Integration Capabilities

Salesforce is capable of getting integrated with various external systems such as eCommerce platforms, ERP, DMS, ITSM, or social media. This makes Salesforce, an ideal solution for automated business processes and data unification.


  • Integration with external systems allows smooth and aligned business processes for multiple departments.
  • Salesforce has its marketplace with adaptable apps.
  • There are some default standard APIs and integration tools that allow aligned workflows and mutual data exchanging between the integrated systems.
  • It provides a platform available for utilizing and running apps.


  • Integrations turn-out to be time-consuming that cause system incompatibilities, data exchange challenges, and certain technical limitations.
  • Sometimes the available default tools are not enough to cover specific integration needs.

Customer Service by Salesforce

Salesforce provides complete customer support via online chats, phone, and tickets. 


  • Users have open doors to comprehensive self-service opportunities through tutorial videos and blogs.
  • The users also have access to the Salesforce Trailblazer Community where they can share their ideas and experiences and can also get answers to their questions as Salesforce is always open for improvements via users’ recommendations.
  • Salesforce has a separate webpage to release the latest notes describing details of upcoming and past releases and an online training resource called Trailhead.


  • Unfortunately, the live support being provided is not easily accessible and free 24/7.
  • The help provided through the self-service opportunities is also limited.
  • Certain customer questions asked by the users at the Trailblazer Community remain unanswered.

Now, taking into consideration all the pros and cons of Salesforce, it’s up to you to make your choice.

Salesforce can be a help to you by boosting sales productivity, supporting complex business processes, marketing teams, and customer service.

But, if you have a significantly limited budget and you aren’t prepared for huge investments into automation, integration, on-going support, and customization, Salesforce is not the best alternative.

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