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Why Salesforce is the Best Among All CRM Platforms?

Whether they use it or not, what companies all over the world can’t deny that they have never heard of Salesforce. To put it in a better light, any business enterprise with a serious intention to make an impact in the market will know about Salesforce, even if that awareness is a little vague.

Being serious about business means that a company truly cares for its customers and strives hard to fulfill their expectations and needs. But it doesn’t all end there. There’s a need to make a customer’s overall experience so professional and so seamless, that the relationship stands the test of time.

This is what CRM is all about, and this is something that Salesforce CRM software has been nailing all these years.

Salesforce- A Small Introduction

Today, Salesforce is the world’s best cloud-based CRM platform that plays a pivotal role in turning businesses all over the world more efficient, streamlined, and result-oriented. Since its introduction in the year 1999, it has beautifully kept up with the pace of changing technology and is still one of the most innovative CRM platforms in the market.

Back to the Point

Any company, once operational, will witness an in-flow of customers over time. This is where a sophisticated CRM platform becomes a big need of the hour, and Salesforce does it with stunning ease. In fact, if the reports from Gartner are to be believed, Salesforce has been constantly topping the charts as a leader in sales automation processes for more than a decade.

From the challenges of sales, marketing, customer service to sorting them in the most purpose-driven way, Salesforce takes care of absolutely everything from a business point of view.

Here are some of the prominent reasons why nothing beats Salesforce as a CRM platform-

1- Simple to Use

The simplicity of Salesforce can be evaluated from the fact that a user just needs to log in and get access to all sorts of the customer data available and collaborate remotely with the colleagues to update this data as well.

2- High Degree of Customization

Salesforce gives companies a high level of flexibility paving way for cutting-edge Salesforce custom application development where it can be moulded in ways to suit the company’s operational workflows. 

3- Multiple Options for Better Integration

The CRM platform has a well-rounded and robust API that makes it a breeze to incorporate any sort of integration into Salesforce. As a result, business processes can be evaluated without too much fuss and enhance overall productivity pretty efficiently.

4- It Lives and Swears By the Cloud

The biggest reason as to why Salesforce is such a popular CRM software is due to the immense flexibility, thanks to its cloud-based profile. With Cloud, Salesforce is easily accessible through absolutely anywhere in the world, as long as connectivity is not an issue. The offered cloud solutions in Marketing, Sales, Business Analytics and Support are simply unparalleled.

5- The Virtue of AppExchange

Through AppExchange, Salesforce facilitates the development and marketing of in-house apps or get access to intensely tested and verified apps by other users for enhanced efficiency in customer data management and operations.

6- Mobile-Based CRM

With innovation always on the sleeve, Salesforce was one of the first to leverage the technology and make it available on mobile phones as well. Salesforce CRM application on mobile too brings its complete service suite to users.

These are just some of the reasons. Suffice to say that with Salesforce, customers can use a number of cloud-based apps to their advantage. Due to its infrastructure, there is always unlimited storage and impeccable security, which is simply brilliant in today’s encrypted digital age.

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