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Start your own on-demand multi-service business like Gojek with our 100% reliable gojek clone script in both android & ios platform. Get the best gojek clone app solution from MacAndro who offers 50+ on-demand services in single platform.

Start your own on-demand multi-service business like Gojek with our 100% reliable gojek clone script in both android & ios platform. Get the best gojek clone app solution from MacAndro who offers 50+ on-demand services in single platform.

Gojek clone has emerged as an iconic business concept in these days. Nobody will refuse the fact that it has evolved into a colossal phenomenon idea in the market in order to make money. As people are becoming reliant on their smart phones to obtain their basic needs, entrepreneurs and business minded persons shot to develop Gojek clone application which has the ability to guide their business in a successful and profitable way.

Gojek becomes viral across the world once after Google invested more than 1 billion US dollars in it. From that, several companies took off the idea of Gojek clone app development to enrich their business.

If you are unaware of Gojek business model, let me explain from the scratch.

What is Gojek clone App?

Gojek clone app is an application which offers multiple on-demand services for its users regularly. With the advanced technology, Gojek clone app offers more than 50 on-demand services like taxi hiring, car wash, grocery delivery, carpenter, house cleaning, electrician, babysitting, moto rental and much more to their customers.


Features Of Gojek Clone:

Gojek deliver “n” number of services in the name of “on-demand business model” which helps in replacing a plenty of individual mobile apps in your smartphone. It has some of the main features mentioned following that rises many entrepreneurs to get into Gojek clone app development


Gojek clone app has a feature in booking a two wheeler through Go-Ride or booking a car using Go-Car that ends up in removing stand-alone on-demand taxi booking apps. It is available both in Android and iOS platforms.


Go-Pay is the e-wallet in Gojek helps to make transactions by sending and receiving money via online as well as offline. This helps to save your database by replacing all your e-wallet apps like Gpay, Paytm etc.


It is Gojek’s instant and modern food delivery service. This helps to replace all on-demand food delivery apps in the name of “Go-Food”. It creates a main stream for many stationary food stores.


This resembles same like grocery app that helps to avail grocery shopping services through online mode to shop groceries benefit customers to aid service based on their demands without any difficulties.


In order to send documents and other data in online without any limits to the distance in a single delivery, GO-SEND acts as an on-demand courier service in Gojek.


This Gojek massage service booking guide users to schedule appointments in order to acquire an experts massaging at one’s own suitable timings and avail the exact treatment.


To export prescribed medicines or to encounter the difficulties in availing the exotic medicines from other countries, GO-MED resolves the issues in delivering you the medicines to the destination you are living in.


This feature helpful in claiming all the maintenance services like car washing and servicing, repairing at an immediate cause, etc.

Advanced Features of GoJek Clone:

Here is the list of top advanced unique features of GoJek Clone that will make your app unparalleled in the niche. Let us move ahead to grasp the ultimate features in detail,

Manage User Profile

A user can create and update their profile and also manage their personal information from the application. Without the knowledge of the user, no information will be stored in the application.

Schedule Bookings

A user can book their trip instantly as well as in advance via the scheduling option. This can help the user to reach the destination without any delay. And mainly nearby drivers immediately pick up the user.

Amenable Payment Mode

This application offers multiple payment mode options which allow users to pay off their money via credit card, debit card, wallet, PayPal, COD. This makes customers more convenient.

Live Tracking

Customers can track the real-time location of the driver using this option. And this will help both users and drivers to locate each other via GPS option.

Ride Sharing

It is one of the popular business models and everyone loved it more. This ride-sharing option makes their ride shared by some users and finally splits the ride fare equally. Ride-sharing is the best cost-effective business model.

Alleviate Admin Panel

This app provides an admin panel for users with top-notch features and functionalities. The admin role is designed and customized with a predefined model which allows them to manage and monitor overall services.

Manage Orders

This option ensures easy navigation for admin. They can easily manage their booked service orders, user details, driver details, everyday transactions, and more conveniently here.

Service Feedback

Feedback is mandatory to know the pulse of customers like what they are feeling about our business service. Here, you can get the user suggestion, review in the feedback section which helps you to better your business.

Calculate Estimated Travel Time

This option will automatically calculate the travel time to reach the desired destination from the pick-up place. With the help of google-maps, it shows the adjustable timing based on traffic.

Fare Assessment

This fare assessment module will help the customer to find out the estimated trip fare before booking the trip. The trip fare will be shown based on the ride distance from the source to the destination.

Notification Alerts

The notification alert system delivers the order updates via SMS and Email TO customers and drivers constantly. The notification message includes invoice summary, tax, ordered details, and few things.

In-App Support

In-app support service is available in this app that will help users and service providers to get support and clarify their service related queries via instant chat, call, and other options.

History Details

Using this option, Both user and driver can view their service history that includes date and time of the trip, travel fare, location, trip id, person id, and more information.

In the nutshell:

In this digital world, a platform like GoJek is the apt one for business and makes the on-demand services very simple and easy to get. So to generate a huge revenue, going for the Gojek clone development will be the best decision.

Well to build a Gojek clone, all you have to do is, hire an awful GoJek clone script  development company like MacAndro which offers exceptional app development services for all business verticals.

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