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Guide to choose the best hr advisory services in India

An HR advisor can make or break your business. The good candidates they help add value to your business; whereas a bad fit could ruin your reputation or even business in worst cases. So it is important to be cautious while choosing an HR consulting firm to manage your HR functions. After all, practices, policies, and the long-term reputation of your organization, a lot depends on the quality of human resource management. So, here’s a short, crisp, and an on-point guide to understand what you should keep in mind while choosing an HR advisory company. 

1. Introspect 

Think and assess why you need an HR firm. Is it to manage all types of hiring, or to fill a position on a temporary or contractual basis, or to have a set of routine HR activities managed by professionals? This will help you choose the HR agency which specializes in the type of service you need. Many reputed HR advisory services companies offer all types of services; whereas others offer a particular type of service. You may choose either of the two depending upon the requirement of your business.

2. Check performance and expertise 

Once you have shortlisted the HR agencies that align well with your requirements and expectations, it is time for cross-checking the information based on which you have selected the company. You may check the online reviews of the company; ask for references and testimonials, and check their thought leadership in the HR industry or industry affiliations. This research will save you from selecting non-competent HR advisory services and in turn, your time and money will be saved. 

3. Meet face-to-face

Talking to your prospective external HR managers face-to-face helps you understand how well they communicate, if they have understood your requirements properly, whether they assimilate into your company’s culture, if they can genuinely offer what they have promise, their understanding and knowledge about the nuances of your industry and organization, and so on.

4. Create a checklist for services

This is especially important for companies planning to outsource all the HR services. Ensure that the full-service HR advisory company you have chosen offers the following services.

  • Recruitment (all types) and Induction
  • Performance management
  • Payroll management
  • Implementing the code of conduct uniformly
  • Designing compensation and reward programs
  • Experience in employee engagement
  • Upholding company culture and introducing best practices
  • Development of policies, procedures, and template
  • Expertise in labor laws and taxation rules
  • Resolving employee grievances and advising the best possible route to handle legal cases filed by employees
  • Implementation of downsizing, restructuring, and merger, etc. 

Agencies that do not need all the services should also check the list of services offered. In case such a requirement arises in the future, then the businessperson will not have to repeat all the finds mentioned above to find a new agency. This way, an organization can continue working with an agency that already has the full picture of your organization and therefore, will be in a better position to take strategic decisions about people management and other HR functions in your company.

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