How a website and mobile app are useful for your small business growth

The Internet has made the world small, and the possibilities for eCommerce endless. However, many small businesses still remain shy of the Internet. One of the most persistent issues is the ignorance of websites and mobile apps. Most small businesses consider mobile app and website development as an unnecessary extravaganza. In reality, these are tools that could take your small business to new heights. Let’s understand how.

Reach new audiences

As a small business, the most number of customers you could reach depends on your geographical constraints. The Internet, however, is basically infinite. The primary benefit of investing in mobile app and website development is the access it grants to a vast audience. A website allows you to put your business on search engines like Google and Bing, which are nothing less than gateways into the Internet. It also allows you to reach pools of an audience of social media platforms like Facebook. Mobile users are often distinct from web users, so a mobile app allows you to target them. Needless to say, having a website and app can increase your reach by many folds.

Establish Brand Identity

One of the most challenging tasks for a small business is creating a brand identity for itself. Among the innumerable competitors in the same niche, how exactly can you make your brand stand out? Well, websites and mobile apps can play a crucial role in that.

For starters, a website or mobile app is considered an absolute necessity today for establishing credibility. But these tools go well beyond mere necessity; they are a great help in creating a brand for you. The app and website design can be built to re-enforce a brand identity at every step of the user experience (UX). They are also the best places to showcase your logo, tagline and brand philosophy. Even better, websites and mobile apps allow you to establish authority in your niche by publishing relevant resources and exhibiting your accomplishments.

Boost customer loyalty and retention

Customer retention is one of the biggest headaches of any business, big or small. Small companies cannot invest in specialized customer support to retain their customers, but there is a more cost-effective option. Websites and mobiles apps development is a great way to boost customer loyalty. By creating an intuitive app or website design, you offer your customers a favorable experience with your brand. Through notifications or newsletters, you can always stay in touch with them – another step towards customer retention. Mobile apps allow even better features to monitor your customers and re-enforce brand loyalty.

Alternative revenue source

Most people view websites and apps as investments that may or may not give adequate returns. However, on the contrary, these investments actually open doors to new sources of revenue. Websites and mobile apps could be used as eCommerce solutions, affiliate marketing, and so on. Even better, it could be used to promote a subscription-based model. Known as the “Spotify model”, it refers to how Spotify used its free features on app and website to convert users into paying subscribers. Small businesses might not become the next Spotify, but they can use the model to gain subscribers as well.


So, now you know sufficient reasons why website and mobile apps could be game-changing eCommerce solutions. It is time to shed inhibitions and grow your small business into something bigger.




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