How can You Get Admission at Saba University School of Medicine?

Are you considering a profession in the field of medicine? Have you heard about the Saba University School of Medicine? Saba University is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and it has been a leading institution in this field for a long time.

Are you considering a profession in the field of medicine? Have you heard about the Saba University School of Medicine? Saba University is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and it has been a leading institution in this field for a long time. Do not miss out on your chances to gain recognition and realize your dream of becoming a doctor of medicine with this prestigious medical school.

Saba University School of Medicine

The mission of Saba University School of Medicine can be credited to the founders, who were primarily concerned with the establishment of a comprehensive medical institution. It was founded by Dr. Wim Dejong, who went on to found the Voeding Maakt Foundation, which continues to promote international educational and research work related to medicine. This school also houses the College of Public Health, which is also a division of the university school. Students can choose to major in any of the four disciplines of basic sciences, nursing science, health services or pharmaceutical engineering. There are also many minors to choose from such as MBA, psychology and occupational studies and Liberal Arts.

Variety of programs

The Saba University School of Medicine offers a variety of programs and you have to decide whether you want to major in a medical program or opt for another specialization such as dentistry, pharmacy or occupational therapy. The school also offers International Programs and Students can enroll in other schools and colleges in the United States, Canada and Europe. There are various branches of medicine offered at this university. You can choose to specialize in any of these areas of medicine.

One of the undergraduate programs offered is the Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services that gives students an overview of the principles and practice involved in the discipline of medicine. After graduation, students can opt to continue their studies at the Saba School of Medicine's Masters in Health Administration that gives the students an overview of medical administration, planning and management essentials. The Saba School of Medicine also offers an Associate of Arts in Health and Human Services, which focuses on the social and psychological aspects of health. Another Associate of Arts in Health program is the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice that provides a strong foundation in law and order and justice administration.

Mission of Saba University

The main aim of the Saba Schools of Medicine is to prepare their students to work as professional healthcare workers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, physician's offices, government health agencies, prisons, hospices and rehabilitation centers. In addition to that, the school also aims at developing leadership qualities, self-esteem, teamwork, and integrity in its students. In their endeavor to become professionals, students from the school are expected to undergo hands-on training and take part in internships at prominent local or international facilities. The main goal of the internship is to enhance the students' exposure in the medical field through one-on-one case studies and thorough supervision by renowned and experienced doctors.

Other courses offered in Saba School of Medicine: 

The first course in medical school that students are required to undertake is the Introduction to Psychology. This course provides a basic introduction on the concepts behind psychology, with an emphasis on individual differences and social behaviors. It will give students a good overview on how science and medicine interact with each other to address problems faced by the human race. Throughout the semester, students will be presented with projects that require detailed research and review of psychological principles.

The second semester, students will study Forensic Medicine and Infectious Diseases. The first four courses in this year's curriculum will cover Law and Medical Ethics, Management and Organization, Ethics in Medicine and Public Health, and Medical Technology. Students will also have the opportunity to take up the five-year Master of Science in Hospital Administration, which is also among the accredited degrees in the Saba School of Medicine. This degree is a Doctorate in Hospital Administration that requires three years and the completion of an internship and five years of specialization in the field.

The final semester in medical school will focus on the theories in Clinical Trials. The first two semesters will introduce students to the various areas of study in Saba. The Clinical Trials portion will cover both general and specific studies on human beings under the supervision of experienced and qualified instructors. For those who want a more hands-on education, the clinical rotations in Saba schools of medicine will be highly recommended. These are two of the most important semesters in all the Saba schools of medicine, because these are where clinical rotations prepare students to take the SMTP exam for a US certification upon graduation. In order to participate in the clinical rotations, students must first complete the SMTP exam and graduate from a Saba academy.

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