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How Online Dating Merchant Account Become The Solution For Your Business

ePay Global brings the solution for them with its Online Dating Merchant Account. It comes with a comprehensive solution for your business.

Online dating is an ever-growing industry. Companies that want to run an online dating business should find the right payment processor and merchant account service provider.

A Merchant account enables merchants to accept credit card and debit card payments. Merchants can easily manage their financial transactions with the merchant account. You can collect your payout securely from your customers without any hassle.

Online dating is a platform, which allows making matches. You can find a worthy companion with a dating website. People are using it widely across the world to develop a personal and romantic relationship.


The online dating industry is a high-risk industry 

Acquirer banks consider the online dating industry as a high-risk industry. Two main reasons for this:

The high number of chargeback Chargebacks is very common for this industry due to the customers' dissatisfaction. When a client opts for an online dating service and doesn't get what they were looking for. They raise the refund request. Such a high rate of chargebacks makes it hard for online dating merchant accounts to be approved.

  • Fraudulent dealings 

Online dating merchants rank high among fraudulent business. You can easily find an online dating merchant providing an escort or prostitution service. Some of the online dating merchants target underage audience to get traffic on their website. Due to this reason, online dating merchants don't get merchant account service.

Above mentioned reasons, makes it challenging for dating merchants to get Online Dating Merchant Account. Traditional banks and financial institutes do not show interest to provide services to them.

What is the process to get an Online Dating Merchant Account for my dating business?

If you have decided what online dating payment you want to work with, it is time to send an online application. Once you fill the form, ePay Global will contact you. We will help you get a bank that suits your business needs. Our team will contact us and will collect all the required documentation from you. Once we verify your documents, we will forward your files to our acquirer banks. Then you can start processing card payments on your dating website, as soon as the bank approves your business.

The online dating industry is always prone to risk, so ePay Global helps you with high-risk Online Dating Merchant Account.

Benefits you get with ePay Global merchant account service.

We provide integration of a high-risk payment gateway with your website. A payment gateway helps you with the easy processing of your financial transactions.

We offer merchants a 2D and 3D secure payment gateway to make their transactions secure from fraudulent activities. Our payment gateway comes will several inbuilt security tools like PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, SSL encryption, and API integration. These security features support you in providing a safe and straightforward payment experience to your customers. It secures your sensitive information from theft and attackers.

Merchant gets eligible to process their payouts in diverse currencies. Our gateway supports all primary currencies across the globe like Dollar, Pound, Euro, Etc. You can allow your customers to make payments in their desired cash using our services.

There are several other benefits you get with us:

  • Easy integration
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Coinage solution
  • Multi-channel processing
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance along with SSL encryption and API integration
  • Chargeback management
  • Recurring billing
  • 24*7 tech-support

These features play a crucial role in the impeccable growth of your business:

Credit card processing

Credit card processing is the best solution for online dating business to maintain cash flow. Merchants get the ability to receive credit card and debit card payments. Credit card payments are the most used payment, and accepting credit card payments for your business leads to immense profit for your business.

ePay Global provides you credit card processing for your dating business along with Online Dating Merchant Account. We make your business eligible to accept credit card payments. You can target card users and do business with our service.

We help online dating merchants with credit card processing in gaining more profit for their business.

Offshore payment solution

As a merchant, if you want to enhance your business reach globally, at that point, you will need an offshore solution for your business. An offshore merchant account lets you manage your global financial transactions. You can offer your customers to make the payment from anywhere in the world against their purchase.

ePay Global offers an offshore merchant account for online dating merchants. We provide integration of an international payment gateway as well, along with your website. Merchant can efficiently process their global payouts with it.

Our acquirer banks do not put a cap on the transaction volume. It allows the merchant to make as much as sales they can. It results in as massive revenue for their business.

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