Apply for SBI credit card

How to apply for SBI credit card

A detailed guide to How to apply for SBI Credit card and eligibility, procedure to apply online.

How to apply for SBI Credit card:

SBI provides various types of credit cards including Shopping Card, Cashback Card, Travel Card, Rewards Card, Business Card, Life Time Free Card, Lifestyle Card and Entertainment Card. You can choose any of the cards from the above listed credit cards based on your choice. It offers reward points and credits based on the credit card. In order to apply for SBI Bank credit card, one must fulfill the following eligibility criteria as follows:

Eligibility criteria:

Age limit:

In order to apply for an SBI credit card, customer has to meet the age limit as specified by the bank. The minimum age limit of the person must be 21 years and the maximum age limit must be of 60 years. Add-on credit cardholder must be 18 years old and above.

Income criteria:

The customer must have a steady source of income to get a credit card from SBI. One must be an employee of a company or a self-employed professionals. Customer should have a regular income to get a SBI credit card. The income criteria varies based to the features and benefits of the card.


Applicants must be a resident of India or Non-Resident Indian.

Credit Card Application Online for New Customers:

  • New Customers have to visit the official website of SBI
  • Applicants must log in with their SBI Card account by entering their log in credentials.
  • Navigate to the Apply tab, then go to the ‘Credit Cards’ and go to request section to activate the card.
  • Select the credit card, which is suitable for you and click on apply button to proceed.
  • Now enter your personal details as well as contact details.
  • Once the verification process is done, an employee from the bank will contact you and guide you through out the process.
  • For this, you need to submit KYC documents and income certificates for getting credit card.
  • After completing the Application process, credit card will be provided to you with in several weeks.

Credit Card Application Online for Existing Customers:

  • Existing customers have to visit the ‘Credit Cards’ page of the SBI's official website.
  • Customers have to enter their net banking customer id, mobile number and credentials to apply.
  • One can apply online for a credit card directly.
  • Also, one can also visit a nearby SBI branch directly to apply for a credit card.

Credit Card Futures

  • Credit Cards come with a 24/7 service, unlike other card kinds.
  • Transfer option, allowing the client to transfer its equilibrium to a different card and avail the benefits of cheaper rates of interest. 
  • Credit Cards possess worldwide acceptability.
  • Doctors generally waive the fees in the event the client meet a certain criteria concerning his cost behaviour.
  • Credit Cards also come with a Balance For using a charge card, a customer has to pay a fixed sum as annual fees.  However, financial Clients can settle the balance together with Monthly EMIs.

Documents Required to Apply for an SBI Credit Card:

To apply for an SBI credit card, customers must submit the following documents as mentioned below:

  • Address proofs like Passport/ Aadhaar card/ Driving Licence/ Voters ID etc.
  • Identity proofs like Aadhaar card/ Bank Statement/ Passport/ Voter Id/ Driving Licence/ Pension Book etc.
  • Income Proof like Bank Statement/ Pay Slip/ Income Tax return etc.
  • Pan Card.
  • Ration card and Passport size photo.

Other ways to apply:

There are so many ways to apply for SBI Credit cards! One of the fastest way to apply for an SBI Card is through the official website of SBI via There are other options for applying SBI Card though the Chatbot ELA. One can also call use SBI Card helpline at 39 02 02 02 or visit the nearest SBI branch to apply for an SBI Card.

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