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How to buy a good quality second hand mobile?

Buying a second hand mobile of good quality, you need to do some research on which mobile phone to buy to get a better used phone.

If you are buying a second hand mobile phone without any knowledge or research then there is a high chance of getting a faulty or damaged mobile so that they can earn some quick money and making your money and product worthless.

Used phones for sale at low cost on classified sites are one of the best place to buy and sell used phones safely and securely. Most second hand mobiles come with power pack features and almost all used phones are capable of running popular games like PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, etc. Most of the smartphone manufacturing companies launch a new model with new features than the previous model every month that’s the reason most of the sellers sell their old phone to buy a new and because of this there are good quality used phones available for sale.

Why is it better to buy a used mobile?

It is better to buy used mobile than to buy a new mobile because most of the used phones for sale available in the market are as good as new ones and nowadays most of the phones have a warranty period same as the new ones and in a very budget-friendly price. Buying a used phone not only saves a lot of money but also helps save the environment. By reusing old mobile on a large scale can slow down the emission of carbon and harmful radiation that affects our environment.

New phones nowadays cost more due to their extra features, designs, and other hardware capabilities, and including GST the cost of the phone is too high for a normal person to afford. Currently, there are great demands for 5G smartphones in the market and as we know if the demand goes high the price of the product also gets high. 

How to purchase a good quality second hand mobile?

Stolen Phones: Check for a proper valid document. If it doesn’t have any valid documents then try not to buy the used mobile phone as it might be a stolen one.

Physical Verification of the used Phone:

  • Check whether the used phone is damaged or not.
  • Check whether the used phone is charging or not.
  • Check whether the USB port working or not.
  • Check for Internal damage or internal damage.
  • Check for the original battery and internal slots.


Fake phones: Check whether the phone is original or not because there are a lot of Chinese and Korean mobile phones look like the famous branding company. But in reality, it might be the clone version of that brand which is of very low quality.

Price: Check the price of your used phone that you are about to buy. Check if the same used mobile phone is available cheaper on another classified site so that you can save even more.

Which used phone should I buy?

There are no such specific mobile brands if you want to buy second hand mobiles because to buy a good used phone the condition of the phone should be good & how good is the phone running? Everybody wants to buy good used mobile phones for personal as well as general use, we cannot buy a phone seeing a specific brand and even if you buy it, then it is a bad decision.

Second hand phones that you should buy are:

  • A phone that is in well-maintained condition.
  • Always try to buy a phone that is used very little. Lesser the phone used, better the quality of the phone.
  • The battery backup of the phone must be good.
  • The phone must be working and running smoothly without getting frozen or getting hanged.
  • Always try to buy a phone that has a warranty included or if you can get insurance for the phone it is much better.

Where can you buy & sell used phones?

You can sell & buy used phones on the Cifiyah website. It is one of the most trusted sites to buy and sell your products easily and securely. You can get huge varieties and options to buy the cheapest smartphones, cheap iPhones, refurbished iPhones, used iPhones and you can also get good and better cell phone deals & latest gadgets deals than any other classified site.

You can post free ads on classified websites like Cifiyah to sell or buy used phones easily. If you are new to the site then, Register and post an advertisement on the product that you want to want to sell and mention all the details of the product including a good photo of the product to be sold and fix the desired price at which rate you want to sell used mobiles and wait for interested customers to contact you through mail or phone number that you have mentioned it during the time of advertisement.






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