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How to Choose Company Name in India

Through this blog you can easily search name for your company. Mean given blog provide information about how to choose a company name in India.

When you are giving a name to your company, you should keep in mind the message that you are trying to give. What does your company do? What does it represents? How does it represent it? All of those questions should be encompassed as the answer in the name you choose.

Here are some of points that will help you choose a better company name:

  1. Make it unique: Uniqueness is the most important factor when choosing company name: both aesthetically and legally. A unique name gives your customers a different view towards your business. From a legal standpoint, only a unique name is allowed.
  2. The name should be easy on the ears: People/customers are fickle as feathers. If the name is not comfortable to hear, they will forget all about it. Thus, choose a name that’s easy to hear.
  3. The name should be easy to pronounce: It’s hard to market a company whose name is hard to say even for those who chose it. Remember “Hjartankhumbra Private Limited”? Neither do I.
  4. The name should not contain any offensive word: In this edgy world, the words considered harmful have a unique punch. The “All India B*******” is one of the biggest brands in India. However, it got away with it, don’t consider you will. Therefore, choose a name that’s inoffensive.
  5. The name shouldn’t indicate your quality: Don’t use ‘obvious’ adjectives like “Best”, “Awesome”, “High”, “low”, “highest”, “lowest”, “fast” and others. None of them are allowed and all of them are bad as well.
  6. Don’t use any names that indicate government authority: Names like “crown”, “Kind”, “incorporations”, “registrations”, and other indicate government authority. None of those are allowed.

Now it might seem like choosing the right name for your company is a lot of work, but it’s not. If you have the right business experts to aid you with company registration process, you’ll get all the aid you need to get the correct name effortlessly.

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