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How To Choose The Best Original Smart TV In BD?

Buying the Best LED TV price in Bangladesh becomes a challenging decision to take, especially if you would like to have it as a companion for a more extended period. Taking into consideration the number of choices, it is a tough job, but not a hopeless thing. And to make everything easy for you, here we are using a list for you.

Televisions have had a very long journey the same as human life did. Beginning from having bulky CRT box into thinner LED TVs, the days have changed just for the greater. Nowadays, Samsung tv price in BD have become the most popular selection of just about all TV enthusiasts. What makes LED's so popular are three significant variables - the awe-inspiring picture quality, thinness, and the energy (power) saving capacity.

Buying the Best LED TV price in Bangladesh becomes a challenging decision to take, especially if you would like to have it as a companion for a more extended period. Taking into consideration the number of choices, it is a tough job, but not a hopeless thing. And to make everything easy for you, here we are using a list for you.

Below is a Listing of the crucial things which should be considered when purchasing an TV price in BD. Check out this carefully, because remember, the pleasure of TV is worth it.

1. Types of LED TV

LED TVs are the updated and modified versions of LCD TVs. The central point of difference is that LED's use Light Emitting Diodes to illuminate the display, while LCD's make use of fluorescent bulbs. Thus, LED's are more compact and thinner as compared to LCD's.

There are two main types of LED TVs:

Back-Lit or Immediate LED TVs

Just as the name implies, many LED's are arranged one after the other behind the screen. Such an arrangement highlights particular areas in brightness and darkness. They give an excellent picture quality. But they are not as slender as edge-lit LED TVs. However, they happen to be somewhat more expensive than edge-lit LED TVs.

Edge-Lit LED TVs

In this type, the collection of LED's is organized around the framework of the TV. They reflect light directly in the Centre of the screen, thus, making it feasible to make a slender and slender television set. The picture quality offered in Edge-lit LED's is not quite as good as back-lit ones; however, they're thinner and economical.

2. Screen Size

One of those most important factors that significantly drive the purchasing behaviour of many clients is the sheer magnitude of a TV.

The Majority of the Individuals have an emotional or psychological connection with the size of the TV. A larger screen TV is seen as an indication of higher social status by many. Thus, many elect to buy an over-sized TV.

Though many People pick display size based on their finances, the ideal means to decide the size of the TV is to understand how much you usually sit from the screen. In simple terms, the space between the TV and your seating arrangement produces a lot of difference and should be considered.

Samsung electronics Bangladesh provide more detail; thus, it's possible to sit somewhat closer to the set, but don't sit so close that you expose yourself to the display pixels. Undoubtedly, you wouldn't wish to sit far away that you overlook any incredible detail.

Therefore, it is vital to purchase the best 32 inch tv price in Bangladesh that suits your area to have a pleasant viewing experience.

3. Screen Determination

The display Determination of a TV refers to the number of distinct pixels that are displayed in each measurement.

Every video is also in a judgment, which is contingent on the number of pixels from the movie.


HD (720p) or HD ready screens are compatible with supporting 1280×720 pixels content. The aim of before-mentioned classes is 1366×768.

Full HD or 1080p

Typically, a Full HD cover will help 1080 pixels content along with the legal judgment of these TVs is 1920×1080.

1920 x 1080 is the standard settlement for all sorts of content generated today.


However, this difference plays a significant part when you sit at a substantial distance from the TV. Since 1080p has nearly twice as many pixels as 720p, it gives high quality and sufficient picture detail.

It's the Minimal resolution that has become popular and also the first choice of many men and women. Therefore, it's best to shell out a bit more and go for a full-HD panel over HD prepared.

But if the price difference is more and it's hurting your pockets, then there is not anything wrong in opting for the HD ready TV, particularly if you're purchasing a TV set that's beneath 40-inches in dimension.

Ultra HD or 4K

Ultra HD It is popularly known as 4K as it comprises about 4000 pixels. With a 4K TV, you'll encounter an unparalleled experience, something that you have never seen before. But, this is the most expensive TV you will meet on the market.

4. Picture Quality

The Important Aspects to be taken into consideration for picture quality includes contrast ratio, image generation, and refresh movement.

Reverse Ratio

To put it Just, Contrast ratio refers to the variation between the brightest and the darkest sides of this TV. It is among the essential factors of image feature.

If the Opposition ratio of a TV is unfortunate, the image will look whitewashed or somewhat faded. On the flip side, if you have an excellent contrast ratio, then the picture, the colors, the texture, and the other things will be beautiful and crisp.

Color Reproduction

Color Reproduction refers to the TV's ability to make enough colours to present photo-realistic pictures. It aids the images on the screen to be lively and suit the eye. The selection of colours a great TV can replicate is merely a small portion of the full-colour space. This ability of this TV is named Color Gamut.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate means the number of frames that a TV can handily show per second.

5. Connectivity Options


The Entire form its better and considerably more advanced as compared to the typical definition video wires as it comes with the feature of lossless transmission of information.

Many smart entertainment devices such as Blu-ray players, DVD players, gaming consoles and notebooks come with an HDMI port.

In the event you have more than one of those devices, it's best to go to get a TV with two HDMI slots.


Regardless to mention, together with USB interfaces, it is easy to the plugin or join pen drives, hard drives, digital cameras, net dongles, smartphones to the TV. This can help you enjoy all of the media files such as photos, videos, music and more on a big TV screen.


An Ethernet Once it's connected, you can enjoy pictures or even browse saved information easily. Besides, it can connect you to the World Wide Web, and you can stream videos and music indeed online.


With Wi-Fi, You can attach your TV to the web and your house network with no troubles of any cables. Thus, if you own a Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh, you can scan the system from your TV using Wi-Fi that also wire-free. Sounds great, does not that?


Besides Bluetooth, you can pair your smartphone or broadcast speaker to enjoy audio. Also, you can share images, and videos from your phone to a Bluetooth allowed TV wireless sans a Wi-Fi attachment. You can also use a personal TV viewing knowledge just by connecting your Bluetooth headphones to the TV.

6. Remote

You are checking the Remote sounds ridiculous. But, you'll be shocked to know this minimalistic device has its own little yet striking role in the simplicity of working with a TV. Channel control switches with volume change; this is only what a remote is capable of? If you think so, then you're easily confused.

Heard the Well, a remote is that little pack. Modern remotes come packaged with Google Voice helper, Bluetooth, zooming buttons and can also be LED-backlit. So, if you would like to take advantage of your idiot-box and utilize it to its full potential, make sure you have a remote that grants an all-round functionality.

7. Sound

Extra Part that we usually tend to miss out, but that plays a significant role in choosing the top LED TV in Bangladesh is of stable quality. In case you have a closer look at some TV versions, you may understand that nearly all of the TVs carry a distinctive RMS control number on them.

Concerning example, A TV having 5W + 5W RMS rating implies that the energy output of the speakers is 5W, respectively. A Greater RMS rating typically tells louder volume. But, it does not indicate that higher RMS rated TV will be “better-sounding" as compared to a model carrying a lesser RMS number.

Most of the TV designs nowadays have a committed sound bar with advanced and enhanced sound technology such as Dolby or DTS. If you're thinking about the software, it's best to opt for a Dolby Digital audio system. The best aspect of this Dolby Digital is that it readily compresses the dimensions of multichannel sound files without changing and damaging the audio quality.

The Functioning of the Dolby Digital is relatively straightforward; it takes cues from the way human ear processes sound and implements the same in its function. It gives a whole of five bandwidth channels, namely, front right, front left, Centre, surround right and surround left for the beautiful real sound feel.

Thus, it expands left and appropriates conventional stereo stations to offer an enveloping 360 degrees of sound (surround sound). Whether an all-round sound (3D audio) adds the spice to your world, then you ought to go to get a TV with Dolby.

A few modern High-range TV versions also offer the benefit of the subwoofer or even sound bar integrated into them. Thus, if you're looking for better sound output, you must contemplate subwoofer or sound bar integration.

The Display Size, display resolution, image quality and funding needs to be your vital deciding factors for making an educated purchase.

A thing that surely grabs our focus every time we pass by or measure into an electronics store is the sight of flashing TVs. Showrooms position a mix of different brands and sizes to catch the attention of passersby. It is a guideline, the more innovative the technology is, the more vast audience it garners.

To create things simple for you and to eliminate your confusion about which is the best-LED TV in Bangladesh, we have done thorough and detailed research. Below is a complete collection of the best-LED TV in Bangladesh to suit the needs of various customers.

The testimonials are performed keeping in mind consumer preferences, dimensions, technology along with the cost that makes up the most crucial aspects to consider before making a final purchasing decision.

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