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How To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Black: Economical Hacks

Canon could be complete that is most well-liked among the users. If the printer doesn't print in black ink, it'd result in the printhead nozzles. typically they're seen to stop the black ink from entering into the paper.

Canon could be complete that is most well-liked among the users. If the printer doesn't print in black ink, it'd result in the printhead nozzles. typically they're seen to stop the black ink from entering into the paper. In some cases, black ink could fall out or black ink could print if Associate in the Nursing empty cartridge is clogged. The restoring method of black ink is to wash the nozzles. it's totally mentioned during this article. Before planning to troubleshoot initially, you've got to grasp the causes of this downside so, savvy to repair the Canon printer not printing black issue in your printer.

Why Canon Printer Not Printing Black?

Some causes square measure there for this issue. If you're not exploitation your Canon printer daily, then your printer could also be dry out. So, you'll be able to see Canon Printer not printing issue seems on your printer. Sometimes, the cartridge could also be crammed with liquid ink, however, the printer tries to print once the top is dry, however, nothing shows on the paper. Or typically, if there's {a downside|a drag|a haul|a retardant|a tangle} with the cartridge then you'll face this problem. sometimes, if you're exploitation the recent version of Canon printer, then you'll be able to face this downside. These square measure the most common causes behind the prevalence of this downside.

Four completely different solutions to repair Canon Printer not Printing Black Text

Four completely different effective solutions square measure there to repair the Canon printer won’t print black. Below we've got mentioned some ways that, undergo them:

Solution 1- cleansing method

By exploitation the cleansing method, you'll be able to fix Canon Printer not printing error. Follow the steps below:

  • At first, you wish to open the printer.

  • In the printer receptacle, check that you need to place there five or additional A4 size papers.

  • Next, you've got to open the paper output receptacle and additionally open the output receptacle extension.

  • Then, choose the Setup choice to begin the cleansing method.

  • In the Setup section, you'll be able to see the tools icon, click thereon.

  • When the tools box opens, you wish to navigate to the upkeep Menu so press the OK choice to open it.

  • Once the upkeep Menu opens, you wish to pick the Deep cleansing so press the OK possibility.

  • For the ensure you've got to pick affirmative so the OK possibility.

Now, your printer can begin cleansing. look forward to someday to complete this method. once you're finished this method, restart your printer so, check whether or not the matter is solved or not.

Solution two – Use real Cartridges

If you're not exploitation real cartridge then you face this downside in your printer. So, you must use real ink or toner provides. as a result of the Canon doesn't guarantee the standard of duplicate cartridges. So, you need to use real cartridges. Canon printer doesn’t print black may also be caused for this reason.

Solution three – Update The Printer Driver

Update the printer driver could solve this downside. once you use this printer, you need to make sure the printer driver is up thus far or not. If your printer driver isn't updated then you'll face this downside. So, as shortly as attainable, you need to update your Canon printer driver and solve this downside. For this, you wish to travel to the Canon official web site page so, search your printer’s driver name. Once you see the update is on the market, then click on the Update possibility. once finishing the update method, restart your printer and check the matter are solved.

Solution four – Check And Replace the matter Cartridge

If the on top of 3 solutions don't work, you'll be able to do that resolution to repair the matter. undergo the below ways:

Way one – determine the cartridge to interchange

At first, you wish to spot the cartridge to interchange it.

  • In the starting, you'll be able to review the primary page as already mentioned resolution one.

  • Next, you've got to see the color blocks and also the text on the take a look at the page.

If you'll be able to see any downside with the color blacks and text, then the matter is within the black cartridge.

Way two – Replace the matter cartridge

You must replace the matter cartridge from your printer.

  • First, you've got to place the paper on the receptacle.

  • Then, you wish to show on your printer.

  • Once the printer is on, check the cartridge door.

  • Next, slowly hold down the cartridge so take away it.

  • You need {to take away|to get rid of} the new cartridge so remove the plastic tape.

  • Hold the cartridge close to the nozzles and insert the cartridge into the ink nozzles.

  • Insert the cartridge into the slot until it clicks.

  • Then, shut the cartridge.


Way three – Align The Printer

Next or last you need to align the cartridges.

  • At first, you wish to show on your printer and also the paper is there within the input receptacle.

  • Then you've got to click future button to open the Setup icon.

  • You have to click on the correct arrow button to open the tools so click on OK.

  • Next, you wish to click on the correct arrow button to open the Align Printer so click on OK. The printer currently prints on the alignment page.

  • Close the lid and press the okay to complete the alignment.

  • Wait for the printer to scan the alignment sheet and complete the alignment method.


We hope, the on top of resolution can assist you to repair the Canon printer not responding issue in your printer. Follow these on top of solutions with the steps and mate in your printer. just in case if you face any downside, do the comment. we are going to offer the update shortly.

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