why is my Brother Printer offline

How To Solve Brother Printer Offline Problem

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Printers are computer peripherals devices which converts the binary bytes of computer into printed hardcopy formats. Thus, making these peripherals inevitable devices for computer users. However as no device is free from its fair share of glitches Brother Printer Offline is also a common error faced by users. If you are wondering on what causes these errors or what are the possible measures here’s a brief take the causes and troubleshooting hacks.

Troubleshooting measures

When you are about to fix brother printer offline issue always start with stringently checking the hardware and basic attributes. Here are few basic ground checks to follow

  • Verifying the machine is turned on
  1. If you find that your machines screen is blank then chances are your printer hasn’t been turned on
  2. Check the machine and ensure that it is properly turned on
  3. If the machine doesn't wake up from the sleep mode make sure that the machine is tightly plug in to the power socket and you have a working electricity connection
  4. Remember that if you can not turn the power on, on your printer, it indicates your printer is having a hardware issue. Thus go for some technical check instead of trying other troubleshooting measures
  5. Also don't forget to make sure that your printer is properly connected with a computer.
  6. If its a USB cable don't forget to check whether its firmly attach with computer and printer or not
  7. In case of network or wireless printers make sure that you have a working internet connection.
  • Paper jam
  1. Another trivial yet prominent issue faced by users is brother or HP printer paper jam error.
  2. To fix it clear all the paper jam both inside and outside the printer
  3. To clear the paper jam outside the printer look for jammed papers in the input and output paper trays
  4. Don't forget to open the automatic document feeder and check for jammed papers there
  5. for clearing the jam inside of printer first turn off the printer and disconnect all the power cables
  6. Now slowly and carefully remove the ink or toner cartridge access area and remove papers from there
  7. Check under the paper path cover for any fragmented pieces of papers
  8. Slowly remove the input tray and check for jam papers as well see the clean out doors and rear access doors
  9. Once all checks we connect the power supplies and run a test print
  • Make your brother printer default
  1. Sometimes if the said printer is not set as default one it might lead to error messages like Epson printer offline etc.
  2. To set as default click open the control panel
  3. Go to devices and printers
  4. Now look at the printer in question and right click on it
  5. From the sub menu launched click the option set as default printer
  • Clearing all pending print jobs
  1. For this click on the brother printer icon
  2. Go to the option see what’s printing
  3. Click on the option printer and cancel all documents
  4.  If cancel all documents option is greyed out then click on the administrator option, enter the password and hit the yes button
  • Changing printers status back to online
  1. Again right click on the icon of the printer in question.
  2. From the sub menu select option see what’s printing
  3. Hit option printer
  4. Click or check the option used printer online
  5. If the option is already greyed out click the option administrators, enter the password and use the printer
  6. If you find the printer status is paused then follow the same steps and from the sub menu uncheck the option pause printing
  • Update printers firmware
  1. sometimes the brother printer not printing issue is contributed due to an outdated firmware
  2. For this  go to the official website
  3. In the search panel interview or products name and model number and search
  4. Once the product is located search for your operating system type
  5. Hit the search button
  6. From the firmware section go to option firmware update .
  7. Carefully read and agree to all the end users licence agreement
  8. once the download is completed follow the  installation instructions to complete the process
  • Update printer driver
  1. To update your printer drivers go to control panel
  2. Locate the device in question right click on it and click on the option remove the device
  3. A popup will appear to confirm your action hit on it to confirm
  • Click open the official downloaded file and walk through the steps to complete the process of installation
  • Restarting of the spooler service
  1. for this launched the run dialogue box by simultaneously pressing the windows key and R key from keyboard.
  2. Type command services.msc and hit the enter button
  3. Now the services window will open
  4. Right click on the print spooler service option
  5. From the next sub menu click on the restart button
  • If you are a Mac user
  1. When you are using a MacBook and error messages like brother printer offline Mac appears here are few steps to follow
  2. Click on Apple menu and go to system preferences
  3. Go to printers and scanners
  4. From the printers section choose the device in question
  5. Check the driver which is being used
  6. If the printer driver selected is airprint don't forget to add CUPS printer driver in your Mac
  7. Click the default icon
  8. Select the name of your machine
  9. Make sure that the model name along with CUPS is selected
  10. If you cannot find the CUPS driver along with the machine it indicates the CUPS driver is not installed
  11. In that case you will need to download and install the full package of CUPS driver software
  12. Now click on add button
  13. Now the printer will be available in printers section
  14. Now from the Apple menu choose option quit system preferences
  15. Run a test print to check

If the issues still continues ask for expert advice

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