Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database Problem – [SOLVED ]

Are you facing recovery pending state in SQL server issue. If Yes then read this article. We have discussed the causes and solution to this problem.

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful relational database management system used to manage and store information. It is also termed as one of the strong pillars for most of the organization because this utility preserves the complete data in a secure manner. SQL Server uses three types of File format MDF also called Primary database file, NDF secondary database file and LDF file which contains the transactional logs, People who have used SQL server might have faced recovery pending state in SQL server.








If you are also facing this type of issues then in this article I am going to guide you step by step process to know recovery pending state in SQL server database problem. Before moving to the solution part let us first understand the reasons first,

Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database Issue – Know The Reasons

If your database is in recovery pending mode, then it means that the database recovery process failed due to some missing files or it may be because of resource-related reasons. In this case, the database will be unavailable for the users. There are various other possible reasons for this error, some of which are described below:

1. The user has to face this error in case when the database is not cleanly shut down. Also if there is at least one uncommitted transaction is active at the time when the database is shut down.
2. In case if the Log file has been deleted then the user also has to face this issue.
3. When database partition is full or due to lack of memory storage.
4. This issue may also occur when the user tried to move the log files to increase the system performance but due to this, the user ended up with corrupted log files.

Techniques To Resolve Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database Problem

Method 1: Mark the Database in Emergency Mode and Initiate Forceful Repair

The user has to Execute the following query:

ALTER DATABASE (your database name) SET EMERGENCY;
ALTER DATABASE(your database name) set_single user
ALTER DATABASE (your database name) set_multi user






Important Note: Before starting this method, you should ensure that you have proper backups.

Method 3: Safe and Reliable Way to Resolve This Issue

The user can try the manual procedure to resolve this issue. But this process requires strong skills and expertise. Also if you won't be able to resolve recovery pending state in SQL server database. Then you can try SQL MDF Recovery software to resolve this issue. This will help you to repair corrupt SQL server database. The user can easily recover Triggers, stored procedure, Functions, etc. SQL database recovery software provides two scan options quick scan and advanced scan to repair corrupted MDF files. This tool has the potential to recover deleted records from database files without losing any single bit of information. This is compatible with SQL server 2017 and its below versions. For complete details about this MDF file recovery software, the user can try the demo version of this utility. 

Final Words

Many times the user has to face recovery pending state in SQL server database issue. So in this article, we have discussed the main causes of this problem. Also to resolve this issue we have given the manual as well as automated workarounds. The manual process requires strong skills and expertise Sometimes the user has to face data loss issue also. So to avoid any data loss situation it is better to take the help of SQL database recovery software.

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