How to Get Google to Quit Tracking You

How Google Tracking Works?

Wherever we go, Google is always with us. As long as the location services are ON in our phones, Google Maps will keep a track of every step you take, provided your smartphone is with you. Since you can now share your location step-by-step with anyone in real time too on iOS and Android. This also re-instates the fact that Google is tracking our locations on the map.

It also depends on the smartphone’s settings, nevertheless, all the activities related to mapping locations stay in the Google Timeline. This feature got launched in 2015, at times can serve as a walk down memory lane tool, but then again it also gives room to your privacy vulnerabilities.

By means of Timeline, Google Maps can not only guide you the directions to where you want to go, but where you have been and where you plan on going at times. Why? Artificial Intelligence in almost every app. There can also be a possibility of photographic marks since Timeline syncs with any shots uploaded to Google Photos.

If you keep your location services enabled in your phone every time, Google will then keep pinging your smartphone through the cell towers, Wi-Fi and via GPS to check where you are at. The frequency in which it finds your location could be either after every few minutes or every few seconds. This is how it gets a complete picture which is pretty accurate of when and where you are at all the time.

How Can We Get Rid Of This Tracking?

Thanks to my newly installed cox cable internet, as I had been testing their service for a couple of weeks now. Hence, the binge watching and a heavy digital exposure for past few days. I came across a video clip telling how we can get rid of Google tracking too. I never thought about it. Soon I realized that majority of us are not even aware and those who are aware don’t know that we have an option to get Google to quit tracking us.

Again, if you find getting tracked annoying or you think it is invading your privacy then, there are solutions to avoid it too. If you think that this process is more harmful and less supportive, you can simply remove your location history and tell Google to quit tracking you already and don’t follow you anymore. Here's how.

How to Fix It in Android Phones?

As soon as you upgrade Google Maps to the latest version, check out your Timeline – that Hamburger icon on your timeline. That is when Google will ask you to turn on the Location History. This is where you can also check out where you have been all along. I signed in on a Samsung Tablet in my office, thus the only thing it had tracked was that office location of mine.

If you don’t prefer to have your location tracked by Google – opt it out in Android phone. All you need is to go back to your Google timeline and tap onto the three dots on the upper-right corner.

 Go and check the Timeline Settings

 Scroll down to Location Settings.

 Tap "Location History is on."

 Wait! A pop-up window will appear

 Tap the check-mark next to "On"

 Just press the "OK" button on the window as soon as it appears.

Or, a quick alternative method is to just navigate to Hamburger icon > Settings > Google Location Settings > Location and toggle it to off.

Yet another option is to "Delete All Location History" it can help you get rid of constant Google tracking. A pop-up may notify you that deleting everything will upset how Google Now and other apps using Location History function. If that is fine with you, you have to check the box next to "I understand and want to delete" and press the Delete button.

How to Quit Google tracking on Apple iOS

Google just brought Timeline to Apple devices. Similar to an Android, where you select the hamburger menu and go to “Your timeline”. You can find all the recent locations there or maybe nothing if you have turned this off or restricted.

In case you would like to remove a location from your history timeline, you just have to tap the three dots on the top right and "Delete the day." There is another option where you navigate to Settings > Maps History and tap the "X" next to the location you would like to delete.


For deleting everything from the history, just go to Settings > Personal Content > Delete All Location History, accept this is what you want to do, and tap the Delete button.

For Google to populate the Timeline section of your app, you may need to turn on location tracking in the background. On your iPhone, go to Settings, click Privacy and go to Location Services, you will find Google Maps and then select Always. For only allowing location tracking when you use the app but not in the background, select "While Using the App." This could be supportive if you want your phone to keep a track and memorize where you have been for future searches but then again not always following you.

How to Quit Google tracking on the Web

One quick yet very simple method is to clear your history from the desktop. You have to go to Google Maps and sign in to your account. Select Menu and then Your Timeline.4 You'll see every place you've been while Google Maps has been with you. You have an option to delete only one day by selecting the day/date on the top left and tapping the garbage can icon.

To delete everything from your location history, go to the Timeline, click the gear icon on the right side of the screen and select "Delete all Location History." As you do on your smartphone, a pop-up will take confirmation if you really want to do that. When it does, check the box next to "I understand and want to delete all Location History" and then "Delete Location History."

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