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How to Integrate AI & ML to Your Existing App?

Within the world of mobile apps, competition is at an all-time high. The inclusion of trending technologies like AI and ML through AI application development services can help speed up the game for any existing app. Here are some effective ways to make that happen.

The growth of computer-related technologies has been nothing but slow. On the contrary, things have been supremely quick. Here’s a stat to put things into perspective-

A whopping 90% of the world’s entire data got generated in just the last 2-3 years!

Today, computing technologies are being developed with the mindset of their application in daily lives as simple as possible. The existence and ease of accessibility to electronic devices have also been big contributing factors in achieving this wide adoption of digital technology.  

A giant network, known as the Internet of Things has been integral to connecting a mind-boggling number of devices and people together, where the number of devices with or without the Internet are both included.

How have they been connected though? Through a number of AI application development services.

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning Today

AI and ML are involved in some way or the other, in almost every mobile app today. This has made it all the more critical for an AI and Machine learning solutions provider to know about it and implement them both in mobile applications.

During their initial days, both these technologies were considered pretty complicated for use, while today they are so seamlessly integrated that is difficult to even pick out their existence. 

Such simplicity has made businesses get smarter apps developed, with features possible due to the implementation of AI and ML. 

What about those businesses where the apps are not enriched by these two technologies?

How can their inclusion be brought into effect?

That’s what we are here for.

Implementation of AI & ML in your Mobile App

Because Artificial Intelligence has brought about a shift in what’s expected from an app today, here’s a look at some of the ways through which you can implement AI and ML within your app-

1- Decide on the What, How, and Whom

Firstly, it is pretty important to know that both these technologies are impact-oriented. Once included, they can raise the bar of an existing solution. This is why you need to understand the kind of impact you are looking to make with AI in your app.

You can take the help of many online resources or even get in touch with AI consultants to figure out how your app can use the help. 

2- Gauge the Areas for Improvements Through AI & ML

Once you become aware of the concepts of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can then sit with your AI and Machine Learning development services vendor to mark the app areas where there is the highest scope for improvement.

To be sure of your decision, you can also conduct a brief market analysis and find if similar actions or implementations were of use or not. This step is more suited to problem identification and taking a view of things.

3- APIs Won’t Entirely Fit the Bill

Implementation of AI brings with it the fact that the more elaborately it is used, the more will be the inability of APIs to take the burden. An AI-based app is surely possible, but it won’t be within the capability of APIs to manage such a solution.

Data modeling is a pretty feasible option to allow the assistance of available APIs in an existing app.

4- Efficient Implementation

Because a major part of including AI and ML into your app is based on planning and market research, implementation and deployment is somewhat a simpler phase, but by no means subject to negligence.

But, the deployment needs to be effective before the new changes are taken live. You can employ a consolidated analytics system to figure out the degree of difference created by the new AIML systems.

Parting Thoughts

It’s safe to say that the incorporation of AI in daily life is going ahead with a lot of promise. Yes, there will be risks and challenges with every single new trend or technology feature, but the opportunities will definitely outweigh the challenges, that’s for sure.

With the right kind of team like Consagous Technologies, AI application development services are easier than you might have ever thought of.

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