How to Number Pages in PDF? Legal Documents Bates Stamping Techniques

How to number pages in PDF? Learn methods to add page numbers to PDF with and without Acrobat. Perform bates stamping on multiple legal documents at ease.

[Solution] How to Number Pages in PDF Files – Top Bates Stamping Ways

In the article below, you will learn techniques on how to number pages in PDF documents. Get the best 3 ways of bates stamping legal documents procedures of 2019 and easily add page numbers to PDF.

Adobe Acrobat, as you might know, is a known organization to deal with PDFs. But in the present time, other procedures have established in the market that has taken over the parental process of dealing PDFs from Adobe. Now through browsing, a number of ways could be found to number pages of a PDF file. Here, we will be discussing the top 3 methods that are listed in order according to their capability and efficiency.

Without a halt, we straightly move on to the techniques.

How to Number Pages in PDF Document? - Top List of 2019

The top-ranking list of PDF page stamping legal documents is displayed below. Here we have only mentioned the top 3 programs.

PDF Bates Numberer:

The top-rated program to function the page numbering is named PDF Bates Stamping software. The application is easily executable and the UI is simple. Apart from this, the features offered by the application makes it more comfortable for the user to add page numbers to PDF. Do you know how to number pages in PDF using this program? Come let’s find out.

Step Procedure to Insert Page Numbers in a PDF

  1. Download and Run PDF Page Numbering Tool on the system

  2. Click on the Generate Bates option. Choose Generate Bates Number option

  3. Click on Add Files and select PDFs for Bates Numbering. Click on Next option.

  4. Add Bates details for page numbering. Click on Next option.

  5. Set Position for page numbers

  6. Click on Browse option and select file saving location. Click on the Next button and select the Generate option.


Features of PDF Bates Numberer:

  • Add page numbers to multiple PDF files in batch

  • Facility to Add page number based on the Combination of PDF file

  • Functionality to directly print the Bates stamped PDF file without saving the file

  • Option to Remove Encryption from PDF file without password entering

  • Multiple Formatting Options available for inserting page number in PDF


Adobe Acrobat DC:

Adobe is the parental organization for working with PDF files. The Acrobat application has the function to add bates stamp to PDF files. The program has similar features as that of PDF Bates numberer. In the case of protected PDF files, you have to enter the password for the encrypted PDF to get page numbers. Do you know how acrobat performs page numbering in legal documents? Its shown in the below process

Step Process to Add Page Numbers to PDF with Acrobat

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat DC and open the PDF file

  2. Go to Tools and click on Organize Pages option

  3. Click on More (...) option, select Bates Numbering, and click on Add option

  4. Click Add Files and Add Folders to insert PDF documents. Then, Click on the OK button

  5. Select a header or footer field & click on Insert Bates Number option

  6. On the appeared window, enter details

    1. Number of digits

    2. Start Number

    3. Prefix

    4. Suffix

  7. Click on OK button to bates stamp the PDFs


Features of Acrobat Bates Numbering Function

  • Add page numbers to multiple PDF files

  • Supports PDF files bates stamping for encrypted PDF document

  • Preview Bates stamp added on PDF

  • Insert addition data on PDF files


PDF Page Numbering Tool

The application is specifically made for the Mac system. The application easily adds page numbers to PDF on their headers and footers. The program offers various formats of formatting the page number added in PDF documents. See how you can add page numbers to PDF without Acrobat in the process below


Step Process to Insert Page number to PDF on Mac

  1. Download and Run PDF Page Numbering Tool on Mac system.

  2. Open the PDF file.

  3. Go to Edit PDF option on the Menu-bar.

  4. In the Header and Footer, click on Add Page Numbers/Add Bates Numbers

  5. Choose the page number formatting and press Apply.

Features of PDF Page Numbering Tool:

Add Page Numbers to PDF on Mac system

Insert bates stamp on selective PDF file pages

Apply customization on Layout and Font of PDF file page



In the article above, we have created a top list of PDF Bates Stamping Software. Here we have provided many solutions for the query, how to number pages in PDF file. The list contains the top applications for bates stamping legal documents. Each program is described with its process and features provided within the application. Compare the best and find which one suits you the best.

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