How To Recover Deleted Partition Data?

The article about, How to recover deleted partition? Here we are mention all the steps to recover the deleted partition data and reason of partition deleted. It means, If you read all article properly then you can easily recover all data.

Have you ever wonder, How to recover deleted partition data? I will explain to you how you can do that easily.

Basically, this problem comes from when we are going to change the operating system. This time we have to delete our partition for load new windows. So that if you have lost your data after deleted the partition. Don't worry, I also faced the same kind of problem. Then I started to research about it. After that, I got a solution. This solution helps me to recover all my deleted data. So that today I am very excited to explain about it.

So if you have same kind of the problem, then follow the all given instruction mentioned in this blog. This surely helps to you recover all deleted partition from the system.

What a do after deleted partition:

When we do delete partition for load new windows. After that, We have to recover the deleted partition. Keep one thing in your mind don't store new data before recover all the deleted data. Otherwise will be overwritten it.

In this situation, We do use SysTools Data Recovery Software to regain deleted data

Why use SysTools Data Recovery Software

The software is a professional data recovery software. It helps to get-back our deleted data. I suggest to use this software, Because it has a good interface, easy to use, recover all data properly, deleted data highlight in red colour after recover and etc. and the main point is that many people have confused, Software works or not. It works properly because I have already used the software. Therefore I can say confidently like that. The software provides demo version is free. Which you can use for a test. If you really interest to use the software download the software and start to use. You just need to launch the software for use.

Technique to recover all deleted partition

In this method, I am going to use SysTools data recovery software to regain the all deleted partition. So follow the all steps properly, all steps mention below one by one:

Step1: Go to Start » All Programs »SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Recover options

Step2: In this software get two option to recover deleted partition data.We have to use the scan option because we are going to retrieve deleted data. Also, you can use formatted scan option When you need to recover formatted data.

Scan option

Step3: View complete Scanning progress report.

Scan progress report

Step4: You can view all deleted data after scanning.

After complete scanning

Step5: Select a folder from the left panel and view all data in the right panel. Item Count.

Select data from left panelStep6: View the entire data from the selected folder. The deleted files are marked red.

Deleted data mark in red

Step7: Select those file and folder which is you want to recover and click to save for saving selected folders.

save option

Step8: Select the location from the Browse for Folder, Then click on OK to start Export Process.

Export location

Step9: The software will start to the progress.

progress time

After completion, you will get a box saying "Export process completed successfully". Click on OK and proceed.

Export successfully

Step10: You can get all exported file at the destination, As shown below.

get all file at the destination

Specification of the Software



Supported Devices

PC/Laptop, External Hard Drive, USB, SD Card, Memory Card, etc.

Supported File Types

FAT 32, FAT 16, ExFAT, NTFS File System & Cross-Formats between NTFS & Other Formats like FAT16 & FAT32 JPG/JPEG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, SWF, SVG etc.

Supported Data Loss Situations

Formatted Data Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, OS Crash Recovery, Virus Attack Recovery, Corrupted Data Recover

Supported OS

Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1, 2008/2012, Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit).


Common causes of lost and deleted partition

When you get the message your partition is missing. Behind it can be many causes like accidental deletion, Power outages, Data corruption and etc. They are explained briefly below to understand properly.

Accidental deletion:

Nowadays we spend a lot of time on the computer. Because we do anything in the computer system. So be a lot of data stores in our system and when we try to clean unnecessary data from the system. This time we can be deleted by mistake entire volume.

Power outages:

Imagine we are working on the computer. If this time suddenly electricity cut-out. Power failure can affect the operating system and make inaccessible.

Data corruption:

Sometimes can data failure by a virus and any other reason. It can affect the operating system the result of we have to delete the partition.


In this article, we did a conversation about a various important topic like how to recover deleted partition data, what a do after deleted partition, Why use SysTool data recovery software, Technique to recover all deleted partition, Specification of the software and common causes of lost and deleted partition.



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