How to Save an EML File as a PDF?

Understand how to save an EML as a PDF file format along with all attachments and other email elements.

Sometimes users of various kinds of email clients want to save email data into various file formats and for this process, users need to perform some processes. In this article, we will discuss about the common user's query which is how to save an EML file as a PDF file. There are numerous email applications that can manage email activity and generate EML files on the computer’s hard drive. You can also have the option to perform this conversion process with manual data but if you want to convert a large number of files then you need to take the help of the EML Converter tool which is completely controlled and gives exact converted results.

Why Users Want to Know How to Save an EML File as a PDF?

PDF files considered as the best and secure format of files as this can be transferred from one device to another external device without any data loss. You can set the password to maintain the secrecy of files as only that person can open those files who have the correct password to view it. It can be saved in various storage devices like pen drive, hard drive, mobile phones, tablets, etc. You can easily view these files in those devices which have installed Adobe Reader. There is no risk of data corruption and other type of issues with PDF files. You can also print them and sent them in emails as the attachments.

Manual Way to Save an EML File as a PDF File Format

Before the start of this method, it is necessary to take backup for all those files which you want to convert into PDF files. Through this method, you can change the file format but sometimes it cannot save attachments and non-text items with text details.

  • Right-click on those files which you want to view in PDF format and then from the drop-down menu go with Open With option.
  • Now, select MS Word application to open and view that EML file.
  • After that, go with the File option which is appeared on the primary menu bar.
  • Then go with the Save As option which is located at the left sidebar.
  • Now, opt the destination path where all files will be saved after the conversion process.
  • After that, select the PDF from the Save As Type section which contains many other file format options.

After this process, you can view your files into PDF format and understand how to save an EML file as a PDF file format. Through this method, you can save some EML files into PDF format as you need to follow this same process again and again. Through this, you cannot save attachments of files as PDF format.

Automated Way to Understand How to Save an EML File as a PDF File

The automated solution that is EML to PDF Converter software you can easily perform this process along with all attachments, hyperlinks, images, header details, and all other text and non-text details.

Step 1. Download and open the EML to PDF Converter software on your computer system.

Step 2. Now, utilize the Select Files option to select EML files or go with Select Folder to select that folder that contains more than one EML file.

Step 3. Now, click on the checkbox which shows you a message that is Convert Attachments as PDF file if you want to save attachments of selected files into PDF file format.

Step 4. Utilize the Select Naming Options section to select the required naming option.

Step 5. At last, hit on the Start button and then choose that path where all converted files will be saved.

After conversion, you can view all converted files as PDF format. Through these steps, you can easily know how to save an EML file as a PDF file as all these steps can be utilized by all users including non-professional users. You can operate this software on any Windows OS including Windows OS 10, 8, 7, etc. It can maintain the structure of files so that the user can easily understand all converted files with the same view.


Through the above discussion, it is easy to understand why users want to use the automated software to understand how to save an EML file as a PDF file. You can transfer all data through a single processing way which can save you precious time. You must try this utility through its free edition which allows you to view the processing of this software. But complete conversion procedure can be performed through its licensed edition.

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