Save multiple Gmail Emails as PDF

How to Save Multiple Gmail Emails as PDF Document in Batches?

Best Technique to Save multiple Gmail Emails as PDF Document format along with the attached document. Get the solution right away.

Read the user query mentioned below:

Is there any method to save Gmail Emails as PDF in batches? The saving option in PDF is time-consuming. I looking for a solution to more than 400 email messages in Gmail account to PDF. Please suggest a reliable solution as I don’t want any software that scams my emails.

This is a situation we all have been in. Now let’s find out how to save multiple Gmail Emails as PDF in Batches. According to the experts, one must get a solution that offers complete conversion of Gmail emails at once without breaking the process in between. 

Therefore, I will provide a solution for both Mac and Windows which has high-security features. 

Gmail is the most often deployed networking tool by both professionals and regular users. Gmail is a web-based email client that can only be used when connected to the internet. What if you don't have access to the internet and need to check your emails? This kind of scenario occurs frequently. So what is the best measure to do?

Save Gmail Emails as PDF – 100% Secured Solution

After searching and testing multiple tools, Gmail Backup is the best toolkit for Macintosh users. Using the tool one can backup or save Gmail Emails as PDF or in any other email format within minutes. The whole process of installation and working of the tool can be carried out effortlessly.

Download the tool from the link given below:

For Mac: Gmail Backup Tool 

For Windows: Gmail Backup Wizard

Both the tool works in the same manner. Users have to enter the Gmail credentials into the software, and it automatically scans all the email files. From the scanned folder, you can select the desired files and choose PDF options from the Select saving option. 

Within minutes you will receive a few notifications on the successful completion of the process and a log report with complete details. The folder with Gmail Emails in PDF format will open up automatically. 

Specialties of Gmail to PDF Utility

Both the Gmail to PDF Mac and Windows tools deliver multiple traits while performing the task. It has a trial version that will let you save multiple Gmail Emails to PDF. using this package save around 20 emails to any format and then later you can upgrade it to the Professional set. Visit the website for more details.


  • Save batches of Gmail Emails at once: Multiple file conversion is possible with the utilities to print Gmail files in PDF. You can select any number of Gmail emails and convert them all at once at a single attempt. Any type of conversion gives accuracy without any issue.
  • Selectively Save Gmail Emails: The utilities provide a dual option to add Gmail files and directories. This function allows you to add single or multiple files depending on your needs. After you've added files, you can choose which ones to convert.
  • Independent Utility: While saving the Gmail Data in PDF format there is no need to sign in or open any other application. The tool works independently. 
  • Backup Gmail to PDF with Attachment: Additionally, the apps export Gmail to PDF along with all attachments. It's also crucial to accurately format the attachment files. The only requirement is to upgrade the tool to a professional package to save Gmail emails along with attachments in PDF format.
  • Get Accurate Result PDF document: During and after Gmail to PDF conversion on Mac, the original styling and structure of all email files are well preserved.


Final Words 

In conclusion, all I have to mention is the grab the tool right now and save multiple Gmail Emails as PDF format with or without attachments. The applications for Mac and windows words smoothly on all the latest versions of the Operating system. And there is no requirement of any external application while performing the task. 

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