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How to select safer grip gloves which are perfect for you?

Safer Grip™️ by OPNBar™️ are ideal gloves for all-day use for light manufacturing, warehouse operators, and for use in maintenance areas. Micro-foam technology offers great breathability, making them cool and comfortable to wear, in any environment. The spandex nylon glove palms are coating in micro-foam nitrile, and are quite flexible, making Safer Grip™️ by OPNBar™️ gloves perfect for handling tools and working with small parts.

We all are working in different professions which have different types of labor. Some involve mental labor, while some professions required physical labor. It is also certain that each profession needs a different kind of safety for humans while they work. Like for instance if you are working on a system for long hours, your eyes need to be a safeguard. Similarly when you are working in a profession that involves a lot of physical labor your hands and other body parts needs to be protected. Most importantly our hands need to be protected by good quality safer gloves. They safeguard our hands from probable damage by providing the most comprehensive coverage to them.


The gloves are also available in different types and used in most professions that involve the use of hands. Like for instance, the doctors and health care workers use disposable gloves after examining the patient. These gloves used by doctors and healthcare workers do not have much tensile strength. However, there are certain professions that involve harder use of hands and for such professions, the safety of hands is of utmost importance. For such professions, gloves with grip having high tensile strength are needed.

The most common professions and tasks that need work gloves with grip include, carrying and transferring hot metal pots in a lab or in a bakery, for handling and collecting scrap, for carrying and handling the sharp-edged tools in a garden; during the construction of the multi-story building, handling chemicals in a laboratory. Athletes and players of various games also wear safer grip gloves while playing. Wearing gloves with grip reduces the risk of damage to the hands and also increases the productivity of the performers.

If you are looking forward to buying suitable gloves for the protection of your hands while working you need to keep few points in mind. The firstly and most important point to consider is your profession and how much wear and tear will the gloves face. Depending on the type of profession simples gloves or grip gloves must be chosen. Various materials are used to manufacture simple gloves and gloves with grip. When the adversity of the work is high and the hands are more vulnerable to the risk of damage the gloves are made of the toughest material with high tensile strength like spandex nylon. These gloves are also coated with micro-foam nitrile for extra grip and performance. These materials provide very good strength and grip to the gloves. Those who are working in an oil industry or a profession that involves hot oil handling, cold oil handing, oil-resistant gloves are suitable for them.

The type of profession decides the type of gloves. You know about your profession and what you are supposed to do so you need to determine how much tensile strength, safety, and grip your work requires. Merely covering the hands is not enough. Proper grip and safety are also important and it is also important for the gloves to be breathable through the skin. It is always beneficial to choose safer gloves while working.

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