How to Selecting the right laboratory Desiccator Cabinets & Dry Boxes?

In laboratory, we can find different kinds of apparatus, experiment materials and many more items. Along with all these things, you shall find some basic laboratory furniture, including storage furniture or cabinets.

In laboratory, we can find different kinds of apparatus, experiment materials and many more items. Along with all these things, you shall find some basic laboratory furniture, including storage furniture or cabinets. For laboratory storage, you need dry boxes as well as desiccators. These cabinets offer moist free environment for storing laboratory equipments with complete safety. These storage cabinets come with excellent convenience in offering. For different laboratory materials, dry or moisture free ambiance is required. For that reason, desiccators as laboratory storage are required. For choosing Desiccator Cabinets & Dry Boxes, you need to learn a few basic things. These things are discussed in the following section of this article.

Regular Desiccators

In case of regular desiccators, silica gel beads are used as the desiccant. This silica gel absorbs the moisture meticulously and eventually keeps the cabinet dry. The most advantageous part is that such desiccators are economical. They come with very low cost, and there are no maintenance expenses to deal with such desiccators. The silica gel beads are needed to be changed after certain time, though it does not require to be done frequently. Overall, this type of desiccators is quite simple to be used.

Gas Purge Desiccators

For maintaining low percentage of humidity inside the cabinet, constant flow of inert gas has been maintained. With a flow meter, this flow of gas can be managed as per requirement. In other words, such desiccators will have regulators attached with them. With the help of the regulators, flow of gas can be monitored as well as controlled. Gas flow is increased, when dry environment is needed in a quick time. Once dry environment is achieved, gas flow should be reduced to normal so that constant flow remains for maintaining dry environment.

Automatic Desiccators

For regenerating the desiccants, this type of desiccators will have a fan or an electric heater attached. The desiccant will keep regenerating and that will keep the moisture away from the cabinet. For dry storage, these types of desiccators are regarded as quite impressive as well as effective. Maintenance cost for such desiccators is quite low. Not just low cost for maintenance, you shall find many other benefits of such desiccators.

Vacuum Desiccators

The vacuum desiccators come with vacuum storage space. Since the storage space remains vacuum, it stays dry. Eventually, this type of desiccators can maintain the best dryness level. However, setup for such desiccators is complicated. It would take a lot of time for making the setup. However, once it is done, you can enjoy the most accurate dry box storage for your laboratory materials.

Different desiccators have their own pros and cons. You need to understand those benefits and drawbacks. Understanding them will help you to choose the Non-vacuum dry cabinet for your laboratory. Nevertheless, they come with different budget and maintenance cost. When it comes to having desiccators for the lab, you should keep the cost factor in mind with perfection. All these things will offer you the best storage solution with perfection. Also, desiccants are regarded as crucial factors for choosing the right desiccators.

As we have observed at the above section of this article that both workbench and glove box are regarded as important laboratory equipment or furniture. At first, we shall focus on the workbench. How should you select the right workbench? What are the factors that you need to check? Answers to all these critical questions are discussed in the following section.

  • For choosing the right workbench, dimension should be regarded as the key thing. Make sure that the dimension of the workbench should fit the requirements in your laboratory. Size of the workbench is also determined by the space available inside your laboratory.
  • To select a perfect workbench, you need to go for the choice of workbench material. Make sure that you choose hardwood workbench for durability. The alternative option is stainless steel. However, wooden workbench looks sober and classy.
  • For choosing the workbench, you need to understand the customization. Every workbench can be customized as per your requirements. So, you need to customize the workbench properly.
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