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How to setup Echo Dot 3rd generation?

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When the Amazon launched its range of smart speakers it completely transformed the way we looked towards life. Now, everything that seemed to be a far distant concept is possible because of technology. Life is so much easier, fun and interesting after amazon Echo setup with a smart speaker like Alexa assisting you at every point.

In its range, Amazon launched one of its most amazing speakers which is Echo dot. It came with added functionalities and features to top the experience. To start with this whole experience one has to know How to setup Echo Dot 3rd generation first. Now, once you are done with setup Echo Dot you can make use of a lot of amazing features. Echo dot is a great smart speaker at a very reasonable price. It’s compact shape and size, adds to the fascination and will be an amazing addition to your home.

So, before you jump into this experience let us guide you step by step about How to setup Echo Dot 3rd generation. Then you can make use of the complete skills of Alexa and see how efficient it could be. It’s a very small and simple process and wouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Fortunately, for amazon Echo setup you don’t need to be an expert or tech savvy. It’s very simple and anyone can do it easily by following the below mentioned steps and you will know How to setup Echo Dot 3rd generation:

The first step is to download the Alexa app in your phone, tablet or even laptop. Yes, the Alexa PC version is also available now. So, the very first step of amazon Echo setup will require you to download Alexa app to which you are going to connect the smart speaker.

Now, once you have downloaded the app you will need to sign in with your amazon credentials. That could be of the amazon account you already have or if not you can create a new amazon account and sign in using the relevant credentials.

Once you are in the app you need to go the lower right corner where you will see the option of add device. Click on that and find the device for which you want to do the amazon Echo Setup.

There you will see the plus sign on the top right corner from where you will add the device for Echo Dot setup. Press the hamburger menu which are the three horizontal lines on the top and then add your device. To add the Echo dot you need to press on the Echo Dot icon and then press on the third-generation Echo Dot that will initiate the amazon Echo Setup.

Once you are ready for the Echo Dot setup on your phone you need to get the smart speaker ready also. For that you need to turn on your smart speaker. For that you need to connect the Echo device to a power source. So, plug in the echo dot using a power adapter that comes with the package, one end of which goes to the smart speaker and the other to a power source. Now, provide the power supply and turn on the device. You will see the LED light turning blue and then orange and it will launch it in the setup mode.

Now, you will be prompted to connect the device to a Wi-Fi source. For that connect to the available network and put in the password to get connected.

Now, place the setup Echo dot speaker in a location which is in proximity to the internet source and at the same time easily reachable to you.

Now, you have successfully completed the Amazon Echo setup and you are good to go to use the Smart Speaker.

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