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How to Update Garmin GPS or Global positioning system, who isn't aware of this nowadays. More or less, we are highly dependent on GPS, whether we have to travel to cities, towns, or states. GPS has made our life simple and has bought comfort and ease of traveling.

GPS is amazingly helpful and helps you reach anywhere without any hindrance. But to use GPS effectively and get the maximum benefit, make sure to update the latest version so that the Garmin device gives you the best results. Otherwise, you may find yourself on a road that leads to nowhere.

There are changes in routes, places, the streets and the locations of so many outlets, and much more. And it is even easier to keep it updated using Garmin express. And if you have Nuvi, or Drive, you don't have to worry as you can use Garmin GPS in any of these.

But How to update Garmin GPS, is the main question. And the solution to this question is in details below:

  1. Connecting to Computer: The first step for How to update Garmin GPS is by fixing your device and your computer system. And for this - Take your Garmin device or disjoin your device from your vehicle, two-wheeler - your bike or scooter, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler. Now when you have taken this out of your vehicle - Join the Garmin device with a computer system. To join the Garmin device to the computer system, you may require a USB cable. Join one end to the computer and the other end to the Garmin device. When joining, you will start by logging into the Garmin account. If you do not have one- Create the account to continue further with the updating of Garmin GPS.
  2. Internet Connection: Before moving forward, make sure your internet connection is working at a good speed as nothing will be possible without a good internet connection. Make sure the wire is properly connected or the Wi-Fi switch is 'on' and working properly.
  3. Garmin Express:  Updating Garmin GPS also requires the installation of Garmin Express on your system. If you do not have the Garmin express on your system - You can start downloading one by browsing on the Web. You do not have to worry about the windows or Mac version as it is available in both. You can download any version as per the compatibility of your system and the device. Once downloaded, install it on your system and follow the instructions as provided once the installation is complete.
  4. Update access: Now when the Garmin Express is downloaded and installed on the system - the next step for How to update Garmin GPS is the update installation. When you will move further by adding the device and locating the GPS - you will get the details of all the updates that are required and you will have to update all. Start updating it and make sure that the device and the system are connected.
  5. Purchases: At this point, you have to make some purchases for the updates. There are lifetime updates available. If you logged in with a new account or have not purchased the updates previously, you can purchase them now.
  6. Disconnecting the device: After the updating, installation, and the purchases - You can now detach the USB from the computer system thereby, disconnecting the Garmin device and the system. Now you can reattach your GPS system to your wheels. Rest, be assured you now have the updated GPS and will see all the routes correctly.

This is how you can simply and easily update the Garmin GPS. But some might be looking for How to update Garmin GPS in case you do not have a computer system.

You don't have to worry over this too. It is also very easy to update it without the computer system. Just refer to the instructions below:

  1. Connecting with Wi-Fi: You can begin by connecting your device to the Wi-Fi. This is done so that an Internet connection is established. This way you will be able to update and install the GPS without connecting to the computer system.
  2. Installing: Now for the installation, Go to Install and then to Install all. This way all the pending updates will be installed to your device.

Updating with the Mobile: Yes! It is now possible to update the Gamin GPS with mobile as well. There is not much to do. All you have to do is:

  1. Start with downloading the mobile applications for Garmin connect. This can be done by visiting the play store of your device.
  2. Once you download the app - the must-do thing is pairing it with your mobile phone or say smartphone. This will enable the updating and installation.
  3. This however works a little differently, as this will automatically install the updates if there are any updates available.
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