update Garmin GPS without a computer

How to Update Garmin GPS without a Computer?

Updating a Garmin GPS can be an arduous task as one needs to go through several procedures to get the final work done. While doing so, there may come hindrances that can deprive you to proceed further. It can be even more cumbersome when there is no computer and a Garmin update is necessary. …

In this guide, we are going to walk you through the procedure to update Garmin GPS without a computer.


There are certain times when we are away from our computer but a Garmin GPS update is important. But several Garmin users are unaware of the fact that the device can be managed through mobile phones as well and an update can be performed anytime when needed.

This guide will surely help you to know how to update Garmin GPS without a computer? Here’s what you need to do.

How to update Garmin GPS without a computer?


With the help of the Garmin Express software, you can easily run the GPS and update it. The drive assists, drive, and Nuvi whatever Garmin device user is currently using. They completely work on the signals provided by satellites that were continuously revolving around the orbits of the earth.

So, with the help of a proper USB connection, in the case of trucks, cars, and many of the vehicles, one can use the map on a screen. With the passing time, Garmin is also working to provide the new versions such as Drive Smart 51 for the devices made for non-driving purposes using the wifi connectivity.

If you want to transfer all the important data as well as the updates then it will be very easy by connecting the device to the same network through which Garmin is running and is completely wireless.

There are several other models of the Garmin such as forerunner and the Approach edge can easily run and connect via Bluetooth to any of the Smartphone’s, so with this, you can easily perform Garmin map update. Does not matter where you present any of the cellular devices will be helpful in updating your Garmin GPS.


How can I update the Garmin GPS without a serial port?


It is very much possible to update the Garmin device if you don’t have the serial port or USB cable. For this you can easily go to the main website of Garmin and install the update according to your choice.

The next step is to enter the serial number of the Garmin GPS. These all processes will be done by the satellite which is sending the option to the GPS for its operation.

Now, you will get the notification which signifies that the update has been done completely, and you can turn off the unit.



Hopefully, this guide is helpful to you, by providing the very easy methods, which can easily solve your issue which is running in your mind, how to update Garmin GPS? But in case, you have some of the queries then connect with us immediately. Visit our website.

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How do I update my Garmin GPS without a computer?

This process can be easily done by the user using the wifi network; there is no need for a computer with you in this case only a strong internet connection can help you in updating the Garmin GPS.


How can I update the Garmin GPS with the help of the mobile phone?

If the user wants to update the Garmin GPS with the help of any of the Smartphone, then the very first thing you have to do is to download the Garmin software for the mobile app, connect this to the Garmin account, and after the pairing, it will start working for the updates.


How does Garmin GPS work?

The Garmin satellites work on the principle of satellites which revolve around the orbits twice a day surrounding earth. These satellites send signals to the GPS system without transmitting them back. This is very helpful in navigating.


How often should I update my Garmin GPS?

The device must be updated in time duration of every 3 to 4 months. For the new updates and to work in hassle-free condition. It is available for both the outdoor as well as the automotive devices.


How much time is taken by the Garmin GPS to update?

The very best thing about the Garmin GPS update process is that it will take less than 3 minutes to update any kind of new version and one can easily learn how to make use of the Garmin express.

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