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Important Things To Solve A Human Resources Selection Procedure Case Study

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Human resources selection procedures differ depending on the staff and resources of the company.

The steps for choosing employees include preface screening, interviews held over the phone, personal interviews. HR works to decide if an applicant is appropriate for the job. Small businesses that have limited resources of staff should utilize these procedures for the selection of appropriate candidates. The outcome is a proper hiring conclusion that helps small-business employers.

Preface Screening

As per the online assignment help experts in Canada, after an employer is aware of the position's adequate importance, the recruiter commences by going through the applied resumes to decide which candidates to inform for the preface interview screening. 

The Company concludes adequate importance depending on the number of applicants or the number of times the posting of job is done. However, employers remove the posting of jobs when they obtain a convenient number of applications, like about 100-200, to evaluate for some skilled candidates. Small businesses don’t have much time to dedicate to going through applicants, should decide depending on distinct criteria, like minimum years of experience of verified qualifications. Preface screening is an efficient process for choosing candidates who have the fundamental requirements for the job.

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Interviewing through telephone

Telephonic interviews, being a first-round interview, allow recruiters to know if a candidate is still engrossed in the job. This saves the time and money of small businesses carrying out face-to-face interviews, which are held after the preface screening. This interview also makes sure if the candidate has the necessary qualifications. Through this interview, the recruiter specifically chooses the candidates who are capable enough to fulfil those skills.

Interviews held in-person

As face-to-face interviews consume much time, the application procedure should be minimized by carrying out preface screening and interviewing through telephone. It is the job of the recruiter to provide the hiring manager with appropriate candidates. For instance, out of 20 candidates who were interviewed through telephone, the recruiter would choose 6 to 7 candidates. The hiring manager then selects 4 to 5 employees finally.

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Selecting through cultural fit

In the decision and final third-round interview, the hiring manager puts questions that will assist him in deciding the candidate that has the culture of an organization.

Selecting through Cultural defines that the candidate’s standards match with the organization’s standards. 

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