Quality Control

Is Quality Really A Big Deal?

With the improvement in quality assurance, businesses see benefits in terms of quality, productivity, optimization, and process improvement. The trends of the industry are ever-evolving, and there is much need than before to adopt Quality Assurance activities.

For any business, the quality of the product is really a big deal. When a business delivers great quality only then, it can survive the competition. In today’s time, we see development cycles have changed into accelerated and time-efficient processes, and because of that, there are many changes in the definition of software quality assurance. Software quality assurance focuses on going hand in hand with the market without compromising product quality. With the improvement in quality assurance, businesses see benefits in terms of quality, productivity, optimization, and process improvement. The trends of the industry are ever-evolving, and there is much need than before to adopt Quality Assurance activities. With the onset of agile and DevOps, the way of creating software has changed along with the Quality Assurance methods.

Why Companies Use Quality Assurance       

With Quality Assurance, firms get to know whether they are using their resources in a well-planned way. Since every product owner wants to reduce the time to market, but Quality Assurance should never be overlooked to achieve so. When you don’t pay attention to quality, you lose the trust of clients. With great quality assurance, both business owners and employees take pride in their work. Software Quality Assurance checks whether the software fulfils certain requirements and quality standards. It ensures that the product produced is of high quality.

Benefits to Quality Assurance

Quality assurance ensures that the company meets its clients’ demands as well as expectations. High quality is a great way of building trust with your customers. In today’s competitive world, quality assurance helps you keep pace with the market. Quality Assurance fixes problems before they become big. Quality Assurance catches bugs before your customers see them. Many industries invest in Quality Assurance, and it helps in saving cost. It is better to start Quality Assurance from the earlier stages. Quality Assurance builds confidence among product owners, and they can market their product without any worries.

Reduces Cost and Waste

Quality Assurance is not only for big businesses; small businesses can greatly benefit from Quality Assurance. When Quality Assurance is in place, it helps small businesses reduce the extra cost associated with retesting and replacing faulty products. When customers are not happy with the products, the negative feedback can break a company; it hurts the company’s reputation badly.

Methods of Quality Assurance

Now that we have understood why quality assurance is so important let’s move onto the methods of quality assurance. There are four key elements:

•          Identifying the cause of the problem;

•          Identifying the time and effort needed to fix the problem;

•          Analyzing the best way of fixing it;

•          Keeping in mind the possible issues that arise after making changes;

These actions are applied to the following fields:

•          Functionality – This field covers an examination of suitability and overall interaction with other components of the system;

•          Reliability – In this aspect, it is seen does the product or software crash and how it can be recovered to its full potential. 

•          Usability – Here, the user interface is tested.

QA testers face the following challenges listed under DevOps domain:

QA culture

In DevOps context, quality should translate down to the organizational culture. To ensure great quality of the product, distinct approaches help in Innovation and speeding up the process. It leads to the evolution of QA services offered in a firm. Seamlessly executing QA activities would need a change in QA and testing. It will help organizations to create a balance between the market demand and high quality of products.

Facilitation of Quality

From DevOps viewpoint, Quality Analysis teams need to understand the business for the system being validated and for this QA team needs to get in touch with business experts and product owner to understand how the tested system is supposed to function in order to support the business. These involvements play a crucial role for QA teams to become the facilitator of quality. Understanding the nature of a business is vital for the system being verified, which means QA teams need to collaborate with product owners to test products. It is important to include QA team during initial discussions; it would aid them to facilitate quality.


As stated above, QA is the bridge between operations and development. The QA team should be included right from the initial stages of development. This helps in improved efficiency and empowers organizations. QA is essential for the success of a project.

Agile Development

Agile has been around for quite some time now. However, it has taken many years of processes and methodologies to be implemented at the organizational level. Many large scale organizations are resistant to change. Agile methodologies require a change in testers’ mindset to be implemented effectively. It would mean lesser documentation and faster build cycles. Regression testing can be dealt with successfully through automation.

What happens when you neglect Quality Analysis? 

Many organizations don’t have a proper understanding of the complexity of this process, which makes them give up or limit testing during the software development cycle. This is a tremendously important process that indirectly saves time and money.

Final Words

Quality is crucial for every organization. In software development Quality Analysis ensures that you meet customer requirements and taste success.

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