Gun Milan by name| kundli Milan in Hindi

Know how many points need to match in the kundali match for marriage

If 36 gunas coincide with the Gunn Milan method, it tends to a happy married life. There are certain effects at certain points in this process.

What happens if the 36 Gunas coincide?

 The important points of Gun Milan are: Less than 18 points – Not suitable for marriage. 18 to 24 – is a satisfactory and accepted marriage recommendation. 24 to 32 – This point indicates great success and a happy marriage. 32 to 36 – This is the most suitable and beautiful scene to create couples.

In general, these are the most important factors that need to be taken into account during the kundali pairing process in order to achieve a great life after marriage. There are also remedial solutions regarding couples long life, Manglik Dosha, financial situation, etc. Kundali matching by rashi finds the power of the stars and heavenly bodies, influencing the couple’s married life with love and life.

How can I check my Gunas for marriage?

In Kundli, the comparison by date of birth and the person’s name, date of birth, place and time is the primary key. The ways of reading Kundali coincidence by name through Indian astrology are very detailed. The degrees and locations of Lagna are verified.

The planetary positions are also calculated. The position and influence of the sun and the moon are calculated by the number of houses far from the sun. The distance of more than 4 houses between the Sun and the Moon is considered to have the highest power.

The corresponding Kundali astrologer finds the upper and lower planets present in the zodiac in a detailed analysis. Retrograde planets are taken into account. The positions of Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, the Sun and the Moon are well interpreted with the Dashas, they bring the map. It is always advisable to check the seventh house in the table, as it means marriage.

How many points must match for the wedding?

There are around 36 weapons in total that are important to combine during the process of pairing the Kundali horoscope by name. These Guna Milan check the compatibility between the couple.

The main reason they are so important is that they largely determine whether the marriage is suitable or not. If less than 18 Gunns are matched, the marriage is considered unfit. If 18-24 of them match, then marriage is widely accepted and recommended.

The corresponding Kundali horoscope from 24 to 32 by name will show that the marriage is very strong and if all 36 match, the union is considered to be made in heaven. Various elements of compatibility such as finances, family, love, children, ego, position in society and emotions are taken into account. They are very important and therefore an experienced and experienced astrologer should be consulted to avoid any mistakes.

How accurate is online Kundali correspondence?

There is always a deep desire in everyone’s heart for a happy married life. Everyone knows that for a good and happy marriage, it is essential that the qualities of the two people coincide. Without it, the marriage will suffer greatly.

Therefore, the Kundali pairing horoscope has certain rituals that can perfectly determine whether two people will be able to live a happy married life or not. The corresponding Kundali name is just one of these rituals. It can be very effective. There are cases where the results of comparing Kundali with the date of birth predicted accurate results.

These rituals have been followed for a long time and many people have benefited from their predictions. Online Kundali matchmaking is always sure to check for compatibility before weddings as it will give you insight into the personalities or qualities of the bride and groom through the Kundali matchmaking report.

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