Open EML File in Office 365

Know How to Open EML File in Office 365 | Best Approach

Understand how to Open EML File in Office 365 manually. Also, learn about the expert-recommended method (professional tool) to import eml to office 365 in batch.

Many users want to open EML file in Outlook 365 account as it makes it easier for the client to share data or information among the team with an advanced security system. Microsoft Office 365 routine add and update its different functions with no additional charges and user have access to the latest features on the MS Outlook. MS Office 365 can be easily accessed on any platform like Android, Mobiles, Mac, etc.

There are various email clients that save data or mail program in the form of EML file type. Some of the Email clients are Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Zimbra, The Bat, and many others.

But we cannot open Eml file extension straightforwardly to Microsoft Office 365.

Hence, in this article, we will guide you on how to open EML file in Office 365 using different manual methods as well as their limitations.

Also mentioned the one expert-recommended method to overcome the all problem occurs in the process to import EML to Office 365.

How to Open EML File in Outlook 365 [Manual Methods]

Method-1 Import EML files in Outlook by Windows Live Mail

Step-1 The first step is to open Windows Live Mail and then click File> Export Email, and then select Email Messages.

Step-2 Select MS Exchange from the chosen program list and then click Next.

Step-3 Then a new message will appear on your screen for confirming the exportation of messages. Click on OK to proceed.

Step-4 Select the files and folders you want to export from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook and click OK.

Step-5 Then the window will appear on the screen showing the progress of the EML to PST conversion process.

Step-6 After that message will appear on the screen; click the Finish button.

Step-7 Login into the Office 365 account.

Step 8 At the Import page (of Data governance), create a new job to upload data to Office 365 Azure storage location.

Method-2 Export data from Outlook as PST file format

Step-1 Open Outlook and then go to File Menu.

Step-2 At that point go with Import and fare choice and pick Export to a record choice.

Step-3 Presently select individual organizer (.pst) alternative.

Step-4 At that point pick letter drop which you need to save as .pst design.

Step-5 Pick any area to save sent out information.

The disadvantage of Using Manual Methods

There are some drawbacks or limitations to using the manual ways in the process to open EML file in Office 365.

1. Both the Windows mail Client and Microsoft Outlook should be installed on the same device.

2.You cannot import EML to office 365 in batch. Users need to repeat the steps for more than one file.

3. These are lengthy steps that consume too much time for the user.

4. Client should have the technical knowledge to perform the above manual methods.

Automatic Approach - EML Viewer Tool

SysTools EML Viewer Wizard is engineered device that open EML file with detail and all attachments and without any client dependency. This software provides multiple preview modes for example like Mail, Hex, Properties, MIME, HTML, RTF, etc.

Robust Features of SysTools EML Viewer

1. View & Read EML File

2. Preview Emails with Attachments

3. View Message Header of EML File

4. Auto-Load EML Files

5. View EML Files of Multiple Email Clients

6. View & Open Noname.eml

7. Dual Preview Modes

8. User-Friendly Interface

9. View EML File in Multiple Styles

10. Advanced Search with EML File

11. Export Selective EML Files

12. Export EML Files as PDF Format

13. Preserve On-Disk Folder Structure

14. File Naming Convention

Final Verdicts

In the article, we had discussed how to open EML file in Office 365 using manual methods. But manual methods have some major disadvantages or drawbacks like they have very lengthy processes that consume too much time of the user and while using them, user can delete important data without having the knowledge.

So we suggest you go with the expert-recommend method (I.e utilize professional tool) open EML file in Outlook 365. This software will help you to overcome all the disadvantages of manual methods. This wizard support Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and below versions as well.

The auto approach is the best way for the user to open EML file in Outlook 365 or import EML to office 365.


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