Kundli in hindi : best kundali prediction by top astrologers

Get the janam kundli in hindi free with predictions which can help you to know the in-depth knowledge about your queries & remedies for a better life

Get the janam kundli in hindi free with predictions which can help you to know the in-depth knowledge about your queries & remedies for a better life


kundali is the astronomical body of your life. The phenomenon of study and measure the astronomical movement of the sun, moon, and planets for a person to predict the future is known as ancient Vedic astrological science. It is the ancient knowledge to know and predict a person’s fate and through the ancient techniques get remedies to overcome obstacles in your life. by the help of kundali prediction you can get those remedies and change your life.

How can you make online kundali?

Kundali making process is done with the help of the astrological books that acquire the knowledge of ancient astrology. 1st the person has to give their date of birth, time and place to our astrologer. Then after getting the details about the person our astrologers want to know that what are the topics of life that the person wants to know about him like about his health, wealth, marriage, education, business, and so on.

According to the person requirement, our astrologers calculate the position of astronomical characters and give them the best accurate result to enhance his life. Along with this our astrologers also give the person free kundli reading option by with the person can consult our astrologers about their life and can know about their life better.

Here also we are providing you language option by which the person can get his kundali in Hindi, telgu, tamili, and many more languages.


How can this kundli in hindi help you?


With the help of our astrologers, you can get free online janam kundli in hindi reading which can help you understand better your personal life through our site tabij.in. Here we are providing you predictions and remedies to change the obstacles or bad habits in your life.

Many of our family members or friends are addicted to smoke or drink. But actually, it’s the stress that they face in their life which forces them to do this kind of bad things. So to help them to overcome these bad habits you can consult our astrologers and get free kundli in hindi with remedies.


A detailed guide about kundali reading for marriage


Horoscope is the reflection of a person’s future. How a person acts in his life in which situation the person can grow and in which situation the person can harm himself also can be predicted by kundli reading.

There are 12 divisions in a kundali called houses or bhavas that help to understand the character of the person. Also with the help of the zodiac sign, our astrologers predict the compatibility of the couple.

In everyone’s horoscope, there are 36 guns that help the compatibility test easier as if there are 18 or more guns that are similar to each other then the couple is called the best couple to start a new life (rajajotaka). Varan, vaishya, tara, yoni, Graha Maitra, Gana, breakout, nadi are some guns that are predicted correctly to match the kundali.


Solutions for your problems by kundali prediction


Marriage is the new point of your life where the two individual going to start their new life with each other. If the matchmaking of the couple is good then the couple can spend a good life with each other can understand, help, share and live a happy life.

In this era of love, marriage peoples want to marry their loved ones. So to get a kundali match with them is quite difficult. So in these situations nowadays people want remedies to their problems which can lead them to a happy couple.

So in these kinds of situation, our astrologers can help you with various kind of dosha, problems by kundali reading for marriage that a couple faces in their life. Some problems that the couple face in their life

  • Manglik Doshas
  • the longevity of partner(love problem)
  • The financial problems in society
  • mental problems due to fighting between a couple
  • physical compatibility with your partner 
  • childbirth 
  • understanding problems between you and your partner
  • health issues

So to make that marriage lucky enough to live a happy life everyone should go for free kundali reading. Call now +91 9776190123 or visit: tabij.in to get your kundali.



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