Linkedin App Vs Linkedin Website

Linkedin App Vs Linkedin Website

Hey Guys, Today i am going to sharing my experience on Linkedin app and website. Basically this article is on which is better?

LinkedIn is migrating its desktop version to its mobile version. The most obvious hint is the way the desktop’s interface increasingly resembles the app in the upcoming days.We also pointed enhancements made first to the mobile application, such as photo enhancement and video features in Linkedin. 


Personally, I use the linkedin app approximate 60% of the time and i spent 40% time on website in a day, My phone is on me all the time, where as my laptop isn’t. This is perhaps why the mobile app is gaining more popularity compared to desktop/laptop.


Fact of Linkedin desktop and mobile app versions:


Both versions include Home Page, My Network, Jobs, Messaging, and Notifications, but not in the same order.Let’s look at the limitations, similarities, and advantages of your Home page on the mobile app.


1. Search is limited

2. You can’t write or edit article

3. Finding groups on the app is cumbersome

4. Views of your visitors and latest posts are not available on the app.

5. Latest Video and Photo available on homepage.

Similarities of Linkedin desktop and mobile app versions:

1. Posting updates is no problem

2. Searches are decent on the phone app

3. You can Download Linkedin Video from Moble and Desktop

4. Video and photo will be downloaded by post link.


Benefits of Linkedin App and Website:

  1. You can post images, video, avtar, gif  with the phone app
  2. It’s easier to get to your linkedin profile with the app and in desktop
  3. Free and paid version available on app and website.
  4. It is the best platform for new generation.
  5. Linkedin is helping to find the job and business.
  6. No time waste on linkedin.
  7. All content is informative on Linkedin Image Downloader
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