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MBA or M.Tech after a B.Tech degree from Best Engineering College in UP? Get over the Dilemma

B.Tech and MBA (integrated) is a five year full time programme which integrates study of technical and managerial skills designed to produce efficient technocrats with sound knowledge of managerial ethics and fundamentals.

M.Tech or MBA – what makes an informed decision for your career in the future depends on the kind of career you aspire. An M.Tech degree will make your way for PhD and research – which will help you chart your course through an ocean of learning. The data of enrolment to the best engineering college in UP for M.Tech is a testimony to it. With an M.Tech degree in your kit, you can keep in touch with the world of academics.


If you wish a managerial career in a conglomerate, you must go for an MBA. A master degree in business management from the B.Tech+MBA integrated university in UP, will not only add to your profile but also push you up on the corporate ladder. In the United States, many established corporate professionals go for an MBA program even after they have earned an MS degree from a reputed college. The perk of earning an MBA degree after passing out of a top B.Tech college in UP is that you can command a better paycheck than fresh B.Tech graduates. 


If you are an aspiring tech entrepreneur, you need to be equally proficient in technology and business management. If you want to switch to entrepreneurship after a few years of work experience in a field of technology, an MBA program will help you with the transition. Invertis University, the best B.Tech+MBA integrated university in UP, has published several case studies on how an MBA program initiates one’s entrepreneurial journey to turn a unique technological idea into a profitable business.


From marketing a business to managing several aspects of it, everything falls in place with an MBA program one you pass out of one of the best engineering universities in UP. There are other tangible benefits of earning an MBA degree after a few years of work experience as a B.Tech graduate.           

Most B.Tech graduates, after a few years of work experience, reach a point where they need to take a monumental decision regarding pursuit of higher studies for a better career. MBA and M.Tech are the two paths open to them. M.Tech or MBA – which path to choose for a prosperous career is a dilemma that many B.Tech professionals face, according to Invertis University, one of the best engineering universities in UP.


A B.Tech degree opens a whole new world for fresh graduates. Being a B.Tech fresher, you get to learn and experience the tidbits of the engineering world in the first few years. After knowing a lot of new things, you might feel touching the glass ceiling over your head. Upskilling is the most tried and tested way to shatter the glass ceiling in your corporate career, as the data of the surveys by Invertis and other universities in India states. Even the top B.Tech college in UP agrees to it.  


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