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Mistakes Digital Marketers Make with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The world today is a world of marketing automation and regular business analytics. For digital marketers, process automation has become a crucial way of enhancing the overall workflow productivity and efficiency.

This is where Salesforce marketing cloud has made a lot of difference.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

With the kind of fandom it has now, it’s not surprising that Salesforce mobile app development is just going off the charts. Salesforce marketing cloud is one such addition to the expanse of this amazing CRM platform.

With this Salesforce cloud, businesses get a secure platform to scale their activities by providing automation to marketing operations, providing a delightful customer experience through complete planning and personalization for every single customer.

It is important to note that merely using Salesforce marketing cloud may not be enough. In fact, marketers tend to make a lot of mistakes, even with this tool.

Now, About those Errors...

Here are some of the top errors that marketers make with the Salesforce marketing cloud-

1- Trying to Reach Everywhere at Once

There are no two opinions on the fact that the world is more connected than ever before. This is a reason why digital marketers try to reach out and tap as many customers as they can, with the hope that this will yield better results.

This can have the opposite effect.

For reaching out to a broader audience, the entire marketing message can lose its sheen, which can take you away from your target audience too.

2- Neglecting the Marketing Goals

In recent times, digital marketing has been a very dominant force in the comprehensive marketing sector. It is a highly goal-oriented approach, where an elaborate marketing strategy will surely lead to the achievement of goals.

However, the spectacular feature sets with Salesforce custom application development and the associated marketing cloud can lead marketers to neglect the marketing goals. It’s always better to be mindful of the marketing goals when using Salesforce for any marketing procedure.

3- Forgetting the Importance of Good Content

With success, there’s always that tempting feeling to show off the customers everything about the company. In the case of customers, this will get boring for them after a certain time.

Customers need to be engaged with the kind of content they want, and not what we want to serve them with. There’s a difference, and forgetting it can lead to a lot of implications for the complete marketing strategy.

4- Not Keeping Up with Change

Recent years have seen a sort of revolution with the whole digital marketing game. There is a huge number of digital marketers that are booming on the scene, and this why staying updated with the current trends is crucial.

Constant learning is key with digital marketing, and that has to happen even with work, make no mistake about it. Marketers need to consider this learning as an investment, something that will surely generate results in the long-run.

5- Absence, or Less Hyper-Targeting

Hyper-targeting is a marketing procedure where personalized messages get sent to the target customers. There can be no compromise at all on hyper-targeting in these times when personalization has become a huge deal.

Messages need to be conveyed on those platforms where customers are most likely to come across them, which is the whole motive of hyper-targeting in the first place.

6- Not Focusing on Split Testing or A/B Testing

Split testing is essentially a marketing research method through which customers can be shown different versions of the very same campaign and then gauge their reactions to those different versions.

Missing out or having too much confidence in a particular campaign so as to ignore split testing can be disastrous when marketers get no results for their hastily executed marketing campaigns, while a campaign with a positive customer reaction will prove to be very, very effective!

To Close

Salesforce marketing cloud is a boon for marketers to personalize services for their customers more effectively than they ever thought possible. At the same time, it is important to respect the marketing fundamentals and strike a balance between technology and tradition sensibly to make campaigns tick.

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